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Apriso Digs Deeper into Paperless Manufacturing

Written By: Predrag Jakovljevic
Published On: October 3 2013

Having been recently acquired by Dassault Systèmes, Apriso has been busy embracing the “3DExperience” platform and concepts (Apriso’s FlexNet is now part of the DELMIA suite of manufacturing applications within Dassault Systèmes’ 3DExperience platform). But Apriso wants everyone to rest assured that it is still committed to providing industry leadership to improve manufacturing operational excellence. As evidence of this commitment, the vendor has announced general availability of Apriso for Paperless Manufacturing, packaged as a new Apriso solution based on its business process management (BPM)-enabled FlexNet platform for global manufacturing operations management (MOM).

Paperless manufacturing is rapidly becoming a requirement for both competitive and regulatory reasons. As its name suggests, the solution lets manufacturers better manage the complexities and details of plant floor operations, whereby engineers can better interact with shop floor operations by updating design and manufacturing instructions without the use of bulky paper or paper-based sign-off processes. Approvals can now be streamlined through digital representations that are captured and maintained for as long as deemed necessary.

Total Paperless Manufacturing

Apriso for Paperless Manufacturing expands from a basic paperless offering—electronic work instructions and reports that enhance intra-plant communications—to a more complete enterprise solution covering paperless processes in production, warehouse, quality, maintenance, and labor operations. Manufacturers can now better manage electronic work instructions, engineering change orders (ECOs), new product introductions (NPIs), and manufacturing intelligence to drive improved operational performance without paper and with improved efficiency, visibility, compliance, and traceability as a result. Apriso offers several other electronic capabilities to support a business's paperless strategy.

Manufacturers going paperless with this Apriso solution can achieve a multiplicity of benefits, such as quickly knowing what design is current—regardless the frequency of change—without wasting time searching through dozens of paper designs and instruction books. They can also review paperless as-built histories or quality-impacted materials faster and more accurately, to better support recall, warranty, or other customer support activities. They can avoid traveling onsite to change physical documents or work instructions.

For those manufacturers challenged with how to begin this paperless transformation, the technology behind Apriso’s solution affords a “crawl, walk, run” deployment—customers can deploy at their own pace, one function at a time, one site at a time. Then, that knowledge can be applied to other functions and locations, creating a gradual path towards accomplishing what could be perceived as a bit of an onerous implementation. Apriso’s blog post on this topic, "When Digital Isn’t Paperless," attempts to better define what going paperless really means.
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