Apriso Launches Global EMI Solution

Apriso, a provider of global manufacturing software solutions that has recently celebrated its 20th birthday, announced the launch of Apriso Global EMI (Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence) solution—that provides a truly global and consistent platform. The solution gathers and reports up-to-the-minute information—wherever and whenever it is needed across an enterprise—tailored and presented in a way that is right for each individual decision maker.

Multi-plant Manufacturing Execution Problem

As the speed of business accelerates, it is critical to see plant floor activity across an enterprise. Unfortunately, getting that information in a form one can use to direct faster and more informed decisions is a major challenge. Complex supply chain and plant data from multiple locations is being captured in different ways, and then reported in different formats. And the information users need is often simply unavailable. Complicating matters further, plant managers need information at a different level of granularity than a regional manager or a corner office. Without the right information for the right people in the right context, it's just (irrelevant) data.

Based on its vast experience with best-in-class manufacturers, Apriso designed its Global EMI solution to go beyond enterprise resource planning (ERP)-based and generic business intelligence (BI) solutions. The solution was designed from the top down to work across all manufacturing plants, enabling true enterprise visibility as well as cross-functional and cross-plant execution analysis at every level, from one plant to dozens. Centralized visibility allows decision makers to quickly identify both poor and outstanding practices, wherever they may be, and to take the necessary action.

Apriso’s Global EMI solution addresses the multi-plant discontinuity by capturing operational data from various sources, mapping it in a rapid and consistent manner, normalizing the data, and rolling it up to allow better visibility and analysis of manufacturing operations across plants. The solution works with ERP, product lifecycle management (PLM), and other enterprise systems, complementing and extending their capabilities by delivering granular information that's essential for managing plant-floor execution across an enterprise. It generates visual summaries, including dashboards, reports, and graphics important to manufacturing executives. The value comes through prepackaged key performance indicators (KPIs), analysis, measures, and dimensions focused on the priorities of leading manufacturers.

What’s Really New Here?

One should think of this announcement as pertinent to manufacturers that are not already Apriso FlexNet customers. There is nothing really new to Apriso’s current customers, as the FlexNet manufacturing execution platform enables companies to manage processes and share best practices across their operations with its business process management (BPM) platform-based architecture. The focus here is to raise awareness that this capability is now available to others. To answer what is “new” is to say that now Apriso can support customers that don’t have FlexNet deployed at each of their locations. The existing Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) application was always capable of handling multisite deployments. This new Global EMI solution is therefore much broader and can be implemented by a much wider audience than previously possible (prior MPI implementations were purely done by existing FlexNet customers).

The EMI value proposition comes from more than 400 packaged KPIs (for machine labor tracking, production performance and order adherence, time and labor analysis of the workforce, equipment maintenance, quality planning and execution, and logistics both inbound and outbound, etc.), and Apriso's 20 years of experience in interfacing with ERP and legacy system plant applications, and industry expertise in lean, six sigma, and other manufacturing disciplines. The Global EMI solution requires minimal information technology (IT) involvement or deployment investment, while leveraging the Microsoft BI stack, Excel, as well as third-party BI tools.
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