Apriso Launches Global Packaging Solution

Apriso, a provider of global manufacturing software solutions, has introduced a Packaging Solution for Global Manufacturers to better manage complex packaging operations and conversion processes. Manufacturers in the consumer goods, food and beverage, and consumer electronics industries who implement this solution should have up-to-the-minute visibility into and control over plant floor systems, processes, and performance to enable better informed decisions and respond faster to change with accuracy, while still retaining the operations intelligence necessary for world-class product traceability and regulatory compliance adherence.

Some of the intricacies of packaging are to do with the importance of packaging the right product in the right package with the right label. Of course, it is always important to design and execute processes correctly or face the consequence (and cost) of fixing errors. But, with some products in the consumer goods industry, for example, selling the wrong item—or an item being bought by the “wrong” end user—could have more serious ramifications, such as allergic reaction, sickness, or worse. Apriso’s solution can be extended to offer cross-plant and multi-plant product traceability and genealogy to support enterprise-wide containment (quarantine) and corrective action processes.

The challenge of attaining 100 percent accuracy is further compounded when operating across multiple locations and when operating in environments where change is frequent, such as during a new product introduction (NPI). Consumer-facing packaging with multiple language, labeling, and material tracking requirements demand consistent detail and precision across its production and quality operations to ensure traceability and regulatory compliance initiatives are met.

Here is where Apriso’s strengths really come into play, helping clients to not only improve efficiency and cut costs, but also significantly reduce the potential for really damaging “brand equity” implications. Apriso’s packaging solution addresses this challenge by providing the visibility and control to globally manage production and quality processes with considerable granularity, as an enterprise solution. This capability supports real-time decisions and continuous process improvement, especially in complex, multi-SKU operating environments. Apriso’s combination of software applications, industry knowledge, and seasoned service organization expertise come in handy with regard to solving these challenges.
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