Aptean Announces Ross ERP V7.0.3 Release

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: November 11 2013

aptean-logo.pngAptean announced the release of Ross enterprise resource planning (ERP) version 7.0.3. This release of Ross ERP builds on Aptean’s support for process manufacturers. The release includes enhancements to core functions for allergen management; inventory back-flush, tank management, and single euro payments area (SEPA) controls; product lifecycle management (PLM) integration; centralized pricing; deals and promotions; and reporting services.

The release builds on the Ross ERP version 7.0, which added Ross Document Connect and the Ross Mobile Modules along with major improvements to quality, reporting, and enterprise viewer, and expanded the functionality of TraceExpress. TraceExpress provides extensive forward and backward trace functionality to help process manufacturers ensure product safety and manage regulatory compliance.

The goal of Aptean is to deliver an exact-fit solution for a specific type of business. Ross ERP is not a generic ERP solution to fit a variety of needs. Simply stated, Ross ERP is built for process manufactures—manufacturers that work with recipes and formulas, e.g., food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.

See how Ross ERP stacks up against other process manufacturing solutions using the proprietary TEC Advisor tool now.
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