AspenTech Acquires Sulfur Simulation Software

Aspen Technology (a.k.a., AspenTech), a provider of software and services solely to the process industries, recently acquired Sulsim sulfur simulation software from Sulphur Experts. The Sulsim sulfur recovery product has been used by the world’s leading energy companies for more than 25 years, as sulfur recovery is performed in nearly every refinery and gas plant processing high sulfur feeds.
Regulatory policies require the removal of sulfur from gas produced by these plants. With Sulsim, process engineers can accurately model the reaction furnace, reactors, incinerator, and other related operations of sulfur recovery plants. As this is the last step in acid gas cleaning, accurate modeling is essential—for any disturbance will create a bottleneck in the process flow, causing reduced throughput and heavy losses.
AspenTech’s Aspen HYSYS software, a leading simulation solution for the energy industry and part of the aspenONE Engineering suite, already provides modeling capabilities for process equipment and for acid gas cleaning systems. Sulsim technology will allow AspenTech customers for the first time to optimize acid gas cleaning and sulfur recovery design and operations together. Potential benefits for refiners and gas processors from using a single engineering environment could include improved efficiency, capital savings, safer operation, and minimized operating costs.
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