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Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking with the folks at BIS as part of TEC’s Certification process. For BIS, the value-add of TEC Certification was clear—and all they had to do was complete a detailed questionnaire/request for information (RFI) and demonstrate certain solution-specific features and functions that I outlined for them in a demo script. I sat down for the three-hour session with Kivanç Sahin, from BIS’s Sales and Marketing Department and Dilek Eksi’s, BIS’S Senior Business Analyst. The following are my thoughts about BIS and the ProStaff solution.

Company Background

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Istanbul (Turkey), BIS is a privately-held company providing industry-specific business solutions for financial, energy, and professional services companies in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Asia. The company's line of products and services includes packaged application solutions, custom software development, frameworks, integration, migration, and consulting services.

Solution Specifics

BIS’s ProStaff is a Web-based HRMS solution designed to help organizations manage human resources (HR) processes such as hiring, training, careers, compensation, and performance management.The solution runs on Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases. ProStaff has undergone three major enhancements (compensation management, workforce analytics dashboard, and recruitment Web portal) over that last year. Although BIS’s product delivery strategy is currently provided through an on-premise model, by fall 2011, it will be moving toward an on-demand delivery model.Available application modules included with the ProStaff solution are:

  • Employee Profile

  • Organizational Planning

  • Job Analysis

  • Recruitment Management

  • Performance Management

  • Career Planning

  • Compensation Management

  • Resource Management

  • Self-Service

  • Workforce Analytics

Functional Focus

Through the demonstration session, it was clear that ProStaff’s strongest areas of functional focus was in its Training module; however, the solution fares quite well in other areas of human resources (HR), including personnel management and workforce management. For the future, BIS intends to enable 360 degree performance reviews, enhance its talent management capabilities, deliver advanced resource management and time and attendance, and link some of its existing competencies to learning management. While specific information can be captured within the ProStaff solution, payroll and benefits are currently two areas that are handled by third-party providers.

Final Thoughts

BIS ProStaff solution is adequate for any small to medium organization looking for a HR solution (rich in talent management capabilities such as recruitment, performance, and compensation management). While BIS’s focus is on the banking, financial services, and insurance industries (where it can provide industry-specific know-how), it is looking to further expand its reach to such industries as communication (telecom), healthcare, hospitality, and professional services. It currently lacks the functionality to meet the specific needs of the manufacturing industry.At a technical level, BIS is looking to enable mobile access in the future as well as adapt its current application to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.To learn more about BIS ProStaff, look for our upcoming TEC Certification Report on the subject or visit our Vendor Showcase.
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