BMC buys ITM Software; HP partnership; SAP Visiprise bid

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This week BMC announced it had secured the purchase of ITM Software, a business management provider. BMC is a publically traded data center automation company that competes directly with CA Inc, HP, and IBM. It’s clients include DELL, Home Depot, and Toyota. Over the past two years, BMC has been busy snapping up different IT companies, such as Proactive Net (June 2007), RealOps (July 2007), and Emprisa Networks (October 2007). It’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Bengal Acquisition Corporation acquired 96.7% interest in BladeLogic.

On the market side, investors have become used to larger companies ingesting smaller ones as IT companies try and expand their market influence. And investor reaction to BMC’s acquisitions in the past have been positive, though somewhat muted, as investors wait and see where these developments go. As one IT blogger points out, BMC’s purchase is another step in the trend of vendors aligning IT sourcing.

Continuing in the theme of alignment, on Wednesday, HP announced it will partner with VMware to align its data center management products with VMware's virtualization technology. The research and development agreement will incorporate HP and VMware products with each other instead of using an external interface. Analysts see this as a positive move as it will help enterprises manage virtualized platforms, and reduce total costs through higher hardware utilization. Analysts also see this as merging the concepts of physical resources and virtual machines.

SAP announced this week that is will buy Visiprise a manufacturing software company  Previously, SAP had been selling Visiprise’s manufacturing execution system (MES) as SAP Manufacturing Execution by Visiprise.  Analysts are saying that the acquisition is well-matched as SAP and Visiprise have worked closely together in the past. This purchase should ensure continuity in the delivery of a well-thought of product. The purchase of Visiprise is also seen to complement SAP's new manufacturing initiative a Perfect Plant, which was described by SAP senior vice president of Industry and Solution Marketing, Peter Maier, as a " framework and methodology to help manufacturers increase responsiveness, improve operational efficiency and maximize asset utilization in the new era of manufacturing operations".

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