BOM Management for Electrical Engineers by Arena Solutions

Arena PLM is moving further into the area the company is good at, and leveling the playing field for smaller hi-tech/electronics firms to be able to play with big boys.

PartsList, which has been an Arena offering for some time, is a fast way for designers to create and share clean and fully documented bills of materials (BOMs). Created especially for electronic engineers to move quickly and efficiently while designing and documenting a prototype, PartsList turns any list of parts into a purchasable BOM one can share with doc control, purchasing departments, or potential vendors.

Arena now adds line-by-line BOM management and distributor selection to PartsList software that automates electronic component evaluation and documentation. The cloud product lifecycle management (PLM) application allows engineers to step through BOMs line by line and quickly conduct comprehensive component comparisons across multiple distributors’ sites. By selecting a cost from the price break chart, users can instantly collect distributor information, including name, description, part number, unit cost, and the datasheet. Time is of the essence here, and visibility of price breaks and in-stock quantities across multiple distributors allows users to optimize prototype in terms of price and lead time. In addition, price break data provides a guide to purchase quantity decisions.

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