BOSAL Selects Infor's Micro-vertical Automotive Suite

The Infor LN enterprise resource planning (ERP) system seems to have a great new life under Infor and with help from its sibling products (and is far away from the infamous days and years of previous owners under the plagued brand name Baan). Most recently, BOSAL, a leading manufacturer of complete emission control systems for passenger cars, trucks, and industrial applications, catalytic converters, towbar systems, roofbars and roofracks, wind deflectors, jacks and toolkits, precision steel tubing, vehicle cabins, irrigation equipment, and energy conversion components has selected Infor LN Automotive.

Established in 1923 in Alkmaar, the BOSAL Group is Dutch registered and headquartered in Lummen, Belgium. The annual turnover in 2011 was in excess of € 796 million. The BOSAL Group employs over 5,500 people in 34 manufacturing plants and 18 distribution centers, which support major car manufacturers around the world with quality products and services. With Infor LN Automotive, BOSAL intends to not only standardize on a single system, but also provide a consumer-grade user experience with a modern interface and social capabilities. BOSAL chose the Infor suite for its micro-vertical functionality specific to the automotive supplier business as well as the software’s scalability and Infor’s global reach of software and services.

The company plans to standardize all business processes in the new BOSAL Global Operating Model on a single ERP system, improving business processes, efficiency, and transparency. BOSAL has had numerous ERP systems in place throughout its facilities. The company was looking to consolidate to one system and streamline its reporting ability (ex. having to pull a report only once vs. numerous reports from different systems). The manufacturer will also implement Infor ION (Intelligent Open Network) to profit from increased interoperability and competitiveness, as well as Infor Automotive Exchange, Infor Supplier Exchange, and Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management).

Infor ION is the “process and integration fuel” that the entire system will run on. The open lightweight middleware platform is based on industry standards and integrates Infor and non-Infor applications, like reporting and product life cycle management (PLM) solutions, which are already deployed at BOSAL. Infor ION Workflow & Events already provides BOSAL with a framework to create, standardize, and monitor business processes and make changes without needing IT involvement. Thus, the company should be able to create value from the very beginning of the implementation project.
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