BWI Companies Selects VAI’s S2K ERP

BWI Companies selects VAI’s S2K Enterprise software to improve distribution processes, increase productivity, and gain valuable insights from its customer and product data.
BWI, a Texas-based wholesale distributor of lawn and garden products with numerous locations servicing a diversified customer base in 15 states, sought a solution to automate and integrate its core business functions. It also looked to eliminate manual processes associated with building reports, and to extract data into customer buying trends and product line profitability. BWI determined that with its ease of use and full integration with existing information technology (IT) systems, VAI’s S2K Enterprise software was the best solution.
VAI’s software was reportedly more intuitive and easier to understand by the end user than those of its usual suspect distribution enterprise resource planning (ERP) competitors. Also, most applications are authored by VAI, which means the customer does not have to buy a lot of "add-on" applications from additional vendors (which in turn would have increased the cost and make support more challenging).
In addition, the customer felt that there was a great synergy between BWI and VAI: both being family owned companies with very seasoned employees without a lot of turnover. VAI provided BWI with full source code, which is standard operating procedure for VAI (its competitors do not). The price point was attractive, and VAI’s attention to detail in studying and defining the business requirements and presenting how its software would meet these requirements in the pre-sales environment was superior to that of its competition.
With S2K CRM, BWI plans to automate the customer and prospect activity into a single database that can be shared by the entire sales team. In addition, the integrated e-mail and blogging will allow communication and collaboration between salespeople in real time, enabling the team to share experiences easily and quickly.
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