Baltimore Technologies Doubles Revenues, Offers World-Class PKI Hosting

Baltimore Technologies Doubles Revenues, Offers World-Class PKI Hosting
L. Taylor - August 11, 2000

Event Summary

In response to Entrust's Technologies' disappointing profit warning preview of their second quarter results, Fran Rooney, CEO of Baltimore Technologies said, " Baltimore Technologies' business continues to grow and we are experiencing no negative change in sales cycle timing, order closure or sales pipeline growth." Unlike its competitor Entrust, Baltimore has a solid story to share with its investors, of which Intel is a minority shareholder. ( For more information about Entrust Technologies see "Can You Trust Entrust?")

Reporting record revenues of USD $15million for the first quarter of year 2000, and expecting a sound second quarter, Baltimore Technologies is well-positioned to watch its market cap exceed expectations in a ready-for-take-off PKI market. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Baltimore now trades on both the NASDAQ (BALT) and the London Stock Exchange (BLM). Employing nearly 700 people with 26 offices around the world, Baltimore has a broad internal base with over 500 customers in over 40 countries worldwide. With revenue from software licensing up 825%, Baltimore expects to announce its second quarter earnings in August setting the stage for Global eSecurity 2000, a PKI convention hosted by Baltimore in September at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

To enhance liquidity in its shares, in May Baltimore announced an effective stock split of 10:1 on the London Stock Exchange and 5:1 on the NASDAQ. Commanding a world-leadership position in e-commerce security solutions, Baltimore Technologies has received numerous PKI awards for its cutting-edge products including Secure Computing's Best Buy Award for its flagship certificate authority product UniCERT.

Market Impact

With ASPs and PKI both coming of age, we expect Baltimore Technologies to see significant growth in the foreseeable future. Collaboration with Sun Microsystems has made it possible for UniCERT to run on the highly available and reliable Sun Solaris operating system. Operating a Certificate Authority to process secure online transactions is a complex and specialized hosting scenario. It probably doesn't make sense for most organizations to try to build and manage their own Certificate Authority network. As well, many mainstream ASPs do not have the security expertise to administer and manage a Certificate Authority system as part of their own infrastructure.

Figure 1. PKI Outsource vs. Insource [Source: Aberdeen Group]

User Recommendations

Through its PKIWorld forum, Baltimore promotes PKI interoperability, providing a core underlying PKI framework that allows various PKI and security products to interoperate seamlessly. In an attempt to play well with others, and reel in the larger PKI audience, in their toolkit product, PKI Plus, they even provide support for some of the PKI protocols used by their competitors.

  • If you need someone to host or help architect or host a PKI solution, Baltimore Technologies is a top choice. With an international presence, and global support, a Baltimore PKI solution is one that you can count on to be around in the years to come.

  • If you're thinking about developing a PKI product, using Baltimore's PKI Plus toolkit will ensure that it interoperates with Baltimore's PKI hosting infrastructure - something that is bound to give your PKI product a competitive advantage.

  • If you need a PKI partner, Baltimore's TrustedWorld partner program is a well-structured technology channel that is a lot more than just a logo on a website. Baltimore Partners assist in rolling out Baltimore based PKI solutions in the same way that Microsoft Certified Solutions Partners assist in rolling out Microsoft technology.

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