Better Visualization and Performance with Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5

pentaho_logo_rgb_sm.pngOn April 25, Pentaho delivered Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5, and I had a chance to get a sense of its new features via a demo prepared by Pentaho. Two main topics were at the forefront of this new offering from the Orlando-based company: visualization and performance.

The enhancements made to this version are reflected in visualization capabilities such as geo-mapping features, as well as new scatter/bubble chart visualizations. Pentaho 4.5 also comes with more interactive reporting and visual analytics features.

In this regard, Jake Cornelius, Pentaho's Senior VP of Products, says that it delivers "interactive visualization and big data integration in a unified pluggable platform that speeds time to business insights for both IT and lines of business."

Along with the new visualization features, the Pentaho team worked on improving Pentaho BA’s in-memory cache performance.

This new version of Pentaho BA is perfectly in line with Pentaho's recent efforts and strategies toward addressing big data, giving its users improved ways to analyze large volumes of data in real time. It also shows that open source BI vendors are pushing innovation within the space.

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