Big Data News: TIBCO and Teradata Join Forces to Address Real-time Event Streams

teradata150.pngWhat do you get when you mix the efforts of TIBCO, a provider of analytics and event-processing software, and Teradata, a provider of enterprise data warehouse and analytics solutions? You get a big data platform that can capture and simultaneously analyze historical and real-time data generated through real-time event streams. From now on, TIBCO Spotfire event analytics will be an important component of the Teradata Unified Data Architecture (UDA).

tibcospotfire150.pngThe combined technologies will provide many other interesting new features and capabilities:

  • An iterative visual data discovery and model creation process for these data using the Teradata Aster discovery platform

  • An intelligent filtering mechanism for the large amounts of data being captured

  • The implementation of predictive analytics models from the wide variety pf predictive analytics functionality provided by TIBCO Spotfire and Teradata.

Peter Lee, senior vice president of TIBCO, remarked:
Teradata and TIBCO work with hundreds of the same customers, many of which have expressed the need for real-time stream processing within the Teradata UDA. Our extended partnership with Teradata is fulfilling CIOs' long-time vision of a real-time analysis solution for big data. Not only can enterprises realize value with data discovery and analytics but now they are able to anticipate what will happen next and can act in real-time as new events stream in—truly delivering a two-second advantage.

This smart move from both companies will address one of Big Data's most pressing emerging issues: capturing the vast amount of complex business events occurring in real time on a daily basis and being able to analyze that data at high speed and accurately.

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