Bizagi, Now Certified for BPM Functionality

I’m pleased to announce that the Bizagi’s BPM Suite 9.1 has recently joined the ranks of TEC Certified systems providing business process management (BPM) functionality.

tec_certified.pngSee TEC’s vendor showcase for a complete profile of Bizagi.

You can find a full report here on the TEC site (including strengths, weaknesses, and benchmarking analysis of each module). You will find valuable information on Bizagi’s functionality, including:

  • Process collaboration

  • Form management

  • Workflow portal

  • Monitoring and management

  • Process analytics


Screencap from Bizagi’s BPM Suite

With respect to competing BPM products, Bizagi’s dominance in security management is worth highlighting, as well as its competitiveness in areas such as process modeling, process collaboration, process analytics, and monitoring and management. In the screencap above we see an example of Bizagi’s workflow design, one of Bizagi’s competitive and powerful features. Bizagi BPM Suite 9.1 has an appealing set of features that enable users to easily navigate its functional modules in a very coherent way, for a good user experience.

Bizagi has extensive experience with customers in the financial space as well as the oil and gas industry, which shows the flexibility of the product to adapt to different productive scenarios and industries.

For TEC certification, Bizagi completed TEC’s detailed request for information (RFI) (download a sample BPM RFI template), and delivered the formal product demonstration I’d requested.

In a dynamic and interesting demo, we were able to see the outstanding features of Bizagi’s application and how Bizagi can help an organization with its process management issues. This demo let me see how Bizagi supported about a hundred features and functionality sets that I was particularly interested in taking a closer look at.

During this process, we learned that Bizagi has been updating its solution, so soon we will be providing new insight about their most recent version. Stay tuned for more information about Bizagi’s BPM application. If you have particular questions, go ahead and leave a comment below.

In the meantime, you can interactively review Bizagi BPM Suite via TEC Advisor.
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