Bonitasoft Rolls Out Bonita BPM 6 Platform-to Democratize BPM

Like its open source software brethren in general, Bonitasoft is about democratizing the business process management (BPM) software category for organizations of all sizes and industries that face challenges from tighter compliance requirements to overworked information technology (IT) departments and more competition. With Bonitasoft, organizations can model, automate, and optimize process workflows in finance, human resources, marketing and sales, supply chain, e-government, and more business areas. The fast-growing BPM vendor and its open source community deliver a sizeable ecosystem of connectors for nearly any application and/or system. Since its inception in 2009, Bonitasoft has had more than 2 million downloads, 600 customers, and a community of more than 60,000 contributors.

Recently, BonitaSoft announced the rollout of Bonita BPM 6—the company’s biggest platform upgrade in 3 years, offered through 1- or 3-year subscriptions that include all software, support, and maintenance. Bonita BPM 5.0 was released 3 years ago, but there have been 10 updates (5.1, 5.2, etc.) since then. Bonita BPM 6 builds on the company’s aforementioned vision to “democratize BPM,” where process owners (business users), at all levels in an organization, can take greater control over improving their operational performance.

In a slew of brand new capabilities, the following are worth mentioning:

  • A user portal—The addition of a new streamlined user interface (UI) gives team members, managers, and administrators more flexibility to manage and complete their tasks.

  • Mobile access—For the first time, customers can create, assign, and complete a task from any device.

  • The ability to unlock from rigid processes—End users can now create and assign tasks on the fly.

  • Improved business activity monitoring (BAM) capabilities—A stronger set of analytics will allow managers and process owners to drill down into reports to gain deeper knowledge and identify bottlenecks.

The platform comes with a number of features for power IT users as well. Bonita BPM 6’s process execution engine has reportedly been clocked at four times faster than the current-generation engine. The "BPM establishment", i.e., Oracle, IBM, Pegasystems, TIBCO, etc., should be on alert.
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