Breakaway, MoveOver Or Stand In Line

  • Written By: A. Turner
  • Published: May 31 2000

Breakaway, MoveOver Or Stand In Line
A. Turner - May 31, 2000

Event Summary

On May 15, 2000, Breakaway Solutions Inc. (NASDAQ: BWAY), a provider of integrated strategy, e-business implementation and application hosting solutions announced the launch of its MarketMover program, an out-of-the-box platform which will allow B2B marketplaces to get to market quickly.

Breakaway Solutions' MarketMover features an open architecture consisting of integrated components, XML interfaces and messaging that will be published to facilitate multiple B2B exchanges to work together. Through its work developing custom B2B marketplaces, Breakaway Solutions has developed an open platform which will serve the needs of marketplaces in all industries.

The MarketMover platform consists of the following elements:

  • Components from leading technology providers

  • Open infrastructure that allows customers to have flexible and customized e-marketplaces

  • Pre-integrated hosted solution

  • Integrated administration

  • Defined B2B market-maker processes

  • Consistent user experience

  • Single view of the customer

  • Significantly reduced time-to-market

Leveraging partners such as RightWorks, CommerceQuest, Emptoris, Entegrity, eShare Technologies, and Netegrity, the MarketMover program is expected to cut the development time for B2B marketplaces from as much as a year to just a few months.

With the MarketMover program as a platform, Breakaway Solutions' will provide the strategy and custom applications needed for each market, then provide ongoing application hosting and technical support through their application service provider group. The result is an end-to-end solution which will bring MarketMover customers live in a few months with an e-marketplace solution.

Market Impact

Industry analysts project there will be more than 10,000 B2B marketplaces by 2003.

Breakaway Solutions' MarketMover underscores its work with more than 125 B2B companies. Some of Breakaway Solutions' B2B enterprise e-marketplaces include VerticalNet,, InvestorForce, EMETRA,,, RealtyIQ, and

However, Breakaway is not alone in their endeavor. Similar ASP's offer "like" services such as USinternetworking's e-commerce and marketplace offerings through partners, Broadvision and Ariba. Coreharbor also offers a similar solution through their partnership with Ariba. There is no doubt marketplace "mania" is abundant and those organizations prepared to service the industry will benefit.

User Recommendations

Companies considering the creation and outsourcing of an online marketplace should investigate Breakaway and it's competitors. Users should be wary of faster than average development time. Marketplaces and their associated rules, content needs and transaction capacities are subject to the depth and complexity of a project's time line. Breakaway offers a unique combination of alliances with a focus on marketplace delivery. The opportunity to access the resources of each is attractive. However, other ASP companies are lining up with similar e-commerce, support and marketplace offerings. We recommend users compare and contrast the resources, availability and support offerings of each.

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