Brio Technology Enters the ETL Market

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Brio Technology Enters the ETL Market
M. Reed - November 24, 1999

Event Summary

"Brio Technology (Nasdaq: BRYO) today announced Brio.Impact 4.0, an upgraded version of the industry's first analytic application designed specifically for revenue optimization. Available immediately, Brio.Impact 4.0 includes an integrated extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) capability for faster implementation that reduces deployment time by as much as one third. In addition, Brio.Impact 4.0 provides new, more powerful personalization capabilities and an enhanced user interface, enabling customers to more easily customize and administer their application."

Brio states that the product will help companies optimize their business model to reach and sustain market advantage. Brio.Impact is designed to embed the knowledge and best practices of a company's top performers together with the organization's business model in an intuitive analytic platform. The product is designed to allow business users to "see all the underlying factors that affect market growth so that they can adjust assumptions, strategies, and tactics to better align with market behavior."

To provide the Extract/Transform/Load capabilities, Brio has partnered with systemfabrik, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. According to Gerrit Kalb, CEO of systemfabrik, "Brio.Impact addresses a complex business problem that requires that the right set of data be available in the right form at the right time."

Market Impact

In addition to the integration of ETL capabilities, the product features a number of new features that are targeted to enhance a user's experience. Brio has enhanced and simplified the graphical user interface and allowed for customized news pages. Brio states that the product "is the only off-the-shelf revenue optimization application with integrated capabilities for assessing current revenue performance, diagnosing all anomalies, enabling unified action, and evolving with the business in order to continually meet corporate revenue goals."

User Recommendations

Customers considering business intelligence tools with integrated extract/transform/load capabilities should consider Brio on a long list of candidates. The vendor should be questioned about the level of integration between the reporting and ETL capabilities supplied by systemfabrik. Since the two vendors share different code bases, there may be issues with the software's interaction. Companies in the manufacturing sector should also consider this product, since it was initially targeted at high-tech manufacturers, and includes a packaged library of industry metrics.

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