CEVA Logistics Selects IBM SmartCloud

Market conditions are driving requirements for visibility and control across global operations and supply chains, as witnessed by a number of recent E2open wins. In today’s increasingly digital world, supply chain leaders are delivering competitive advantage to their customers by sharing critical information across their vast supplier networks more quickly and efficiently through the cloud. During the recently held IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit, IBM announced a four-year contract with CEVA Logistics to accelerate business delivery results for its customers through a new cloud-based information exchange for its supply network.

CEVA Logistics, a non-asset-based supply chain management (SCM) company, designs and implements solutions for large and medium-sized national and multinational companies in the automotive, consumer, retail, healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial, and technology sectors. Their customers’ profitability and customer service reputation rely on how fast they can orchestrate their supply chain to take parts and products produced in multiple regions and assemble and ship them around the world.

Smarter Commerce in SmartCloud

This solution is a combination of CEVA’s Matrix Connect technology and an element of IBM’s growing SmartCloud portfolio for specific lines of business such as supply chain networks, to speed material and information flow to reduce costs and improve customer service. IBM SmartCloud is an umbrella under which all cloud offerings are organized, including private cloud, infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and software as a service (SaaS). In addition, through its Smarter Commerce initiative that focuses on the buy-market-sell-service processes, IBM is helping CEVA streamline its customers’ supply chain and logistics processes with technologies that makes it easier to access, share, and process information in real time.

IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services, a managed services cloud offering for business-to-business (B2B) translations and interactions, is part of IBM’s aforementioned Smarter Commerce initiative, which is designed to help companies manage their supply and demand processes through intelligent automation. This solution is also part of IBM’s growing SmartCloud portfolio of more than 100 cloud-based solutions. To start, IBM’s integration services enable CEVA to onboard new customers quickly. Then, the flexibility of a cloud service helps CEVA adjust to changes in supply and demand quickly.

How SmartCloud Helps SmarterCommerce

CEVA brings a lean and industry-specific approach to SCM, helping its customers face production that's spread across the globe and demand that's growing in emerging markets, and adjust to changes in demand across their supply chain networks. For example, IBM’s cloud service should enable CEVA to better manage the supply chain for automotive customer customers like Chrysler and Honda by helping them maintain and monitor low inventory or accelerate shipments. This same approach is applied to CEVA customers in the consumer and retail, healthcare and pharmaceutical, industrial, and technology sectors. If there’s demand for a new part, such as a new type of memory chip for a smart phone or tablet computing device, customers like Apple can change to a different factory or supplier to deliver that new part quicker.

To support and manage its customers' global supply chains, CEVA has developed CEVA Matrix Connect, which automates the flow of information to accelerate business processes involving multiple parties, including customers, suppliers, service providers and other partners. For CEVA Matrix Connect, IBM Sterling B2B Integration Services provides process management for all B2B and electronic data interchange (EDI) transactions.

In addition to ensuring that all transactions are handled more quickly and comprehensively, IBM also assures that documents are sent and received within an agreed-upon time frame, working proactively with the customer to resolve any issues. This can be an important customer service deliverable. For example, for some clients in the consumer and retail sector (IBM's its fastest-growing market), where CEVA manages order fulfillment, the company must provide frequent delivery information on product shipments. This document expertise also reduces order, price, and invoice errors.
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