CallidusCloud Connections C3—Focusing on Sales and Marketing to “Lead to Money”

This year’s CallidusCloud Connections C3 conference in Las Vegas furthered CallidusCloud’s efforts to push the market awareness of its Lead to Money suite. While the incentive and compensation and configure price quote (CPQ) modules remain two main entry points for most customers, at the conference the vendor focused on the ability of the suite to make sales and marketing work as one in order to close deals faster.

CallidusCloud, a public company founded in 1996, started out selling incentive and compensation management software. CallidusCloud transitioned to the cloud about five years ago to offer a suite of solutions that spans the lead to money process—how to go from leads to money faster. The CallidusCloud team saw a big opportunity to expand the company’s initial incentive and compensation management offering and drive performance gains for an organization’s distributed sales force (i.e. sales teams and channel partners), and the outcome was the Lead to Money Cloud. 

Figure 1: The Lead to Money Cloud explained, at CallidusCloud Connections C3

The Lead to Money Cloud starts with the marketing automation module, including lead management, sales intelligence, and more, aimed at getting high quality leads, understanding more about buyers and prospects, and getting this information—essential for the territory planning and allocation processes—into the hands of the right salespeople (with the right profiles to tackle specific accounts). Being able to portray a comprehensive lead profile with a number of essential characteristics and distribute that in a timely fashion improves conversion rates dramatically. The technology follows the intimate link between lead, territory, and sales representatives.

Further, the CallidusCloud marketing automation technology gives marketers good visibility into how customers interact with marketing content, and provides the sales team with the marketing collateral useful throughout the buying decision, especially during the last stages of a deal. This stands in contrast with traditional silo marketing, where the technology is generally limited to showing marketers campaign information.

Getting the leads to the right salesperson and being in the right markets are two critical factors that dictate success. Alignment between the territories and the salesperson’s accounts is a simple way to speed up the distribution and thus improve the conversion into a sales opportunity. However the ability to pull in demand and campaign data when planning what markets to be in and how much sales capacity will be needed to meet the goals is a tough ask for many companies that rely on spreadsheets. CallidusCloud makes this easy with its territory and quota module integrated with the other lead to money cloud apps.

Next is the sales enablement module, encompassing training, coaching, and content for salespeople. The CallidusCloud technology guides salespeople through the sales cycle with the goal of helping sales reps guide customers towards faster buying decisions. In this vein, CallidusCloud’s newly announced mobile learning content offering,, allows businesses to deliver content (both customizable and pre-packaged) to sales teams.

The tool adds the learning management system and collaborative course authoring technologies of Litmos to the mobile course library of The course content catalogue includes training on sales, marketing, leadership, communications, and finance. Litmos currently has more than 1 million users and in 2013, six million modules of learning content were consumed through Litmos, with almost a quarter of the content accessed outside of the office.

Generating the proposal and closing the deal as quickly as possible follows. To address this next step of the Lead to Money cycle CallidusCloud offers a configure price quote (CPQ) solution which helps guide salespeople through product configuration, proposal generation, margin management as well as recommending promotional pricing and options. The CPQ application provides a view into the commissions associated to each offering to the salesperson while working on a quote. So, salespeople can put more value into the deal, leading to a much higher average deal size.

The newly launched contract lifecycle management (CLM) module captures the entire lifecycle of a contract, from creation to negotiation, signing, and archiving. Additionally, companies can manage key milestone dates, renewal alerts, and compliance documents. CallidusCloud CLM integrates with the CPQ application, so contracts and proposals share the same pricing and discounting rules, minimizing the generally long stretches of time spent on contract generation. And thanks to the integration of CLM with the digital signature capture solution DocuSign, contracts can be signed from any device.

Figure 2: CallidusCloud CLM screenshot

The Lead to Money cycle ends with the incentive compensation application, focusing on the spend aspect of the sales strategy and ensuring that businesses motivate their sales forces in such a way that elicits the right behaviour—selling the right product at a fast pace. CallidusCloud’s technology supplements the traditional catch-only incentive regime with a points-based program. The CallidusCloud team drew on its long-term experience in the field which showed that the overall cash incentive program is great for typical sales behaviours (i.e. sell a particular product, maintain a certain discount, etc.) but it does not work as well when it comes to encouraging improvement for sales reps. Instead, the gamification and point-based concepts motivate salespeople to take new training courses, get certified in needed areas, or complete other performance-improving tasks. In other words, instant recognition is more effective for driving these more development-oriented selling behaviours.

At the conference CallidusCloud also showed the Thunderbridge big sales data technology to display the end-to-end sales process, which is visualized in the form of the ultimate CEO dashboard. This ability to unveil fine sales data by crunching customer billing, commerce activity, territory alignment, sales targets, subscriber demographics, and channel information helps decision makers understand how to maximize the efforts of all the resources involved in the lead to money cycle.

In the near future, CallidusCloud is planning to enhance the Lead to Money Cloud with a new revenue management module with the idea to deliver insights and analysis of leads, quotes, and contracts to contribute to price optimization decisions. Additionally, businesses will be able to recognize their main revenue drivers, be it new sales or contract renewals or assessing the contracts, billing, and ordering cycles.

Lead to Money is a great initiative as it attempts to match the very complex customer experience whole picture. While the CallidusCloud suite covers how leads become contracts and revenue, CallidusCloud’s advantage resides in its focus on sales reps. If businesses aspire to have constant revenue streams they need to primarily strive to have loyal and happy customers, and customer satisfaction can be controlled better through sales technology. Customers and prospects can be more involved in the sales process through engagement technology, which allows knowledge and information sharing. This gives more power to the customer in the negotiation process, with customers being educated by marketing materials rather than being tricked in buying through targeted marketing approaches from sellers.

While giving customers more leverage may seem scary for salespeople, this ensures that the right customer will end up buying a company’s product, increasing the chances of contract renewal and satisfaction. That said, software alone will never suffice. A company’s approach and vision are also important when it comes to making customers happy, a fact CallidusCloud seems to understand with its Lead to Money Cloud.
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