Can a Mobile App Get You a Job Interview?

Serendipity, in addition to actual qualifications and experience, plays a major role in a job search. Indeed, scoring an interview increases one’s chances of impressing (or not) a potential employer. But how do you win that face time? Candidates struggle to distinguish themselves, while recruiting managers wade through the hundreds of cut-and-dried resumes they receive each day.

In the interest of “giving serendipity a nudge,” JobProx is a novel smartphone app that connects recruiters and employers with job seekers when they are near each other physically—putting a face on the endless stream of digital resumes. Using the app’s proximity feature, job seekers and recruiters or hiring managers are alerted when they’re nearby one another. Users are then able to request a meetup and the responding party is able to select one of three options—meet now, set up a future meeting, or say “no thanks.”

This idea is certainly interesting, but could this be considered too invasive by employers and candidates? Or perhaps hiring managers would appreciate a potential employee taking the initiative?

Two traits should be made clear:

  1. The JobProx app is an opt-in service, and is considerate of user privacy. Users of the app will not know who exactly (by name or photo) is nearby, but that someone qualified is nearby. Therefore, employers and recruiters don’t need to be concerned about random people approaching them in public—they would have to accept the meeting request from the job seeker before any personal details are revealed. At that time, they can review the candidate's profile and determine whether or not the candidate is suitable. It will be up to the recruiters whether or not they're still interested in an interview.

  2. The app, along with its proximity feature, can be turned on and off at one’s leisure—if you’re unavailable, or busy and don’t want to be interrupted, simply disable the feature and you will not receive any alerts.

In order for the team at JobProx to develop the app, they will need to raise $10,000 in capital on Indiegogo, a major crowdfunding platform. JobProx has also hired Command Partners, a digital marketing agency, to carry out the campaign and all online marketing initiatives. While JobProx seems universally applicable, it's fair to assume that peope who are comfortable with social technology will be more likely to use JobProx. We will have to stay tuned to see how the  campaign progresses before we get more info on the app’s traction and pricing.
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