Candle Releases New Command Center App for IBM MQSI 2

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Candle Releases New Command Center App for IBM MQSI 2
M. Reed - October 11, 2000

Event Summary

Candle Corporation, an independent software company specializing in fast, flexible e-business solutions, today announced the release of Candle Command Center (CCC) for MQSeries Integrator (MQSI) V2, IBM's messaging technology for enterprise application integration. The new solution helps eliminate system downtime and increase productivity for MQSI by tracking message flow within business processes, recording arrival rates, message queue times, and entire message flow times.

To further simplify the task of ensuring optimal MQSeries Integrator performance and availability, CCC for MQSeries Integrator features the introduction of a new browser-based user interface, the CandleNet Portal/Systems Management Edition (SME) that according to the vendor represents a new level in ease of use and user-customization.

"IBM's MQSeries Integrator is a valuable tool for enabling e-business," said Steve Kiser, vice president and group executive of Candle's Enterprise Computing Group. "With Candle Command Center, we are further solidifying our support of IBM's technology with a solution that monitors, manages and optimizes a company's e-business processes running on MQSI."

Market Impact

This product will prove to be popular in the MQSI community. As an example of its usefulness, if a sending application forwards a message to a receiving application that is not ready to accept it, MQSI will store the message in a queue until the receiver is ready (this is an asynchronous method known as "store and forward"). If the receiver does not come back on line, all the other messages can be blocked behind it. This can affect the business processes, and may be difficult to detect. This is a typical example of a "bottleneck".

According to Steve Kiser, vice president and group executive of Candle's enterprise computing group, "CCC tracks the message broker's availability status and performance of message flow between end points and actually allows the user to see what the broker is working on in real time." If implemented correctly, CCC should make these types of bottlenecks quickly visible.

User Recommendations

Users who have implemented MQSI Version 2 should definitely evaluate this product. Its feature set should be compared to the management tools supplied by IBM "out of the box" to see just how much additional feature/function has been added. There are also other vendors with similar offerings. Another question for Candle and IBM is how their developers communicate and collaborate, since IBM develops MQSI in Hursely, England, and Candle is in El Segundo, CA. This is an eight time zone difference.

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