CheckPoint & Nokia Team Up to Unleash a Rockin' Security Appliance

Event Summary

CheckPoint Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP) and Nokia (NYSE: NOK) on October 19th, announced an expanded partnership where they will promote the Nokia IP330, IP440 and IP650 firewall/VPN appliances. This suite of security appliances marks the first time a firewall or VPN product has debuted with built-in high-availability and load sharing.

Nokia IP650

Market Impact

As firewalls outperform all the security markets, with VPNs close behind, expect the Nokia IP series of firewall/VPN appliances to command first round draft picks from information technology teams looking to secure their vital infrastructure. The Nokia boxes offer both firewall and VPN capabilities based on integration of Checkpoint's Firewall-1 and VPN-1 products and Nokia's Internet appliance. The Nokia IP Security Appliances are the first of their class to include built-in high-availability and load sharing.

Previously, if an organization wanted to install a highly-available firewall, they would have to purchase two sets of a hardware platform/operating system combos, two firewalls, and install a high-availability package like Stonesoft's Stonebeat on top of it. With the Nokia IP series of Security Appliances, the operating system is built-in, and Firewall-1 and VPN-1 come pre-installed. What was formerly achieved through a costly set of stand-alone products from multiple vendors can now be achieved with a single device.

This saves companies significant implementation costs. A common complaint that security engineers and systems administrators have had with Checkpoint's Firewall-1 is its complex installation routine. With Nokia IP appliances, this is no longer an issue. Administrators and security engineers will now have more time available to work on writing the actual security policy instead of figuring out how to install software.

The Nokia IP Security Appliances offer customers the capability of rapidly deploying enterprise firewalls, and as a result, brings Ecommerce sites on-line safely and faster. The 19 inch rack mountable unit is sold directly through Nokia and through all Checkpoint resellers.

User Recommendations

This announcement solidifies Checkpoint's position in centralized policy-based security products and introduces Nokia as a formidable player in the firewall/VPN marketplace. The scaleable product line is something that IT organizations of all sizes will want to take into consideration before deploying an enterprise security solution.

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