Choosing the Right Service Provider through TEC Accreditation

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Last year, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) introduced its Accreditation Program to provide software buyers with insight into the quality of implementation and support services delivered by value-added resellers (VARs), channel partners, implementers, vendors, and consultants. With the end user in mind, we established an in-depth questionnaire that captures the customer’s level of satisfaction for services rendered (service delivery and support, maintenance, project evaluation) and the customer’s overall recommendation. Through a series of customer reference checks, we examine these areas for service providers that participate in TEC’s Accreditation Program. We then write a concise report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the provider’s services for a particular software type, industry, or business area.

Quality of Service—Why Is It So Important?
Software selection is often a cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly process. With all the time, effort, and resources that IT decision makers pour into a selection project, skimping on the details is not option when it comes to assessing the service provider’s capability to implement software properly. An implementer that does not understand your business needs can make or break a selection project. Whether this involves upgrading from a legacy system or implementing new software, software buyers should exercise due diligence to ensure that they understand the type of service and support that they can expect from the provider.

TEC Accreditation Report
Every organization is different—business needs, requirements, and expectations vary from organization to organization. TEC Accreditation complements our comprehensive online Software Selection Services for end users by highlighting the services of a particular provider. TEC Accreditation therefore empowers IT decision makers with additional knowledge to assist them in determining the best-fit service provider for their unique business and implementation needs. How do we communicate all this to end users?

At the end of the accreditation process, TEC produces an accreditation report, which is published on our online research portal. The report provides end users with details on real-life implementation projects delivered by the service provider to three of its customers. We include a comprehensive profile of the provider, including its product’s functionality, business and/or application area focus, services rendered, and geographical presence. We also provide a snapshot of the three customers, with graphical and tabular summaries of their level of satisfaction based on the TEC Accreditation customer questionnaire.

TEC is currently in the process of conducting accreditations for various providers. As these accreditations are completed, TEC Accredited Providers are announced in TEC’s Newsletter and the accreditation seal and report are then added to the provider’s Showcase or IT Directory listing on TEC’s Web site. We encourage our readers to download these reports—they provide valuable information for software buyers, and may be particularly useful for those that are in the final stages of their selection and implementation project.

Becoming a TEC Accredited Provider
VARs, channel partners, implementers, vendors, and consultants that would like more information and/or are interested in participating in TEC’s Accreditation Program should contact our Software Industry Programs team.
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