Cisco Steps into E-Mail Management

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Event Summary

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 20, 1999-- Cisco Systems, Inc. today announced that its recently released Cisco eMail Manager, an enterprise- and service provider-class solution for managing high volumes of customer inquiries submitted to company mailboxes or to a Web site, has been chosen by brand name companies for inbound e-mail response management. Representing a broad range of industries, some of these new customers include 2Wire, APAC Customer Services, Inc., Bell Atlantic, Lands' End, Lexica LLC, and Solipsa.

Market Impact

One of the driving forces in Internet e-commerce is communication and responsiveness to the end user, or buyer. Strong communication and response time indicate to the buyer that they are valued clients. If a client feels that their needs have been attended to they are far more likely to become a repeat client. The typical Internet vendor response time to a client issue ranges between 24 and 48 hours, and in some scenarios, never. Cisco hopes to change that with its new eMail Manager.

Cisco's eMail Manager tracks and routes inbound messages to the correct recipient or group based on a set of customizable business rules. The system ships with automated response templates for receipt acknowledgment and/or intuitive replies. The eMail manager ships as a component of the Cisco Interaction Suite, which also includes a Collaboration Server, a Media Blender and Media Manager. The suite carries a price tag starting at $1,500 (USD) per seat. Cisco has already secured such clients as, Bell Atlantic and Lands End among others. We expect to see this product have a large impact on customer interaction on the Internet (Probability 75%).

User Recommendations

Internet Retailers have been looking for an automated conduit for end user communication to fortify customer acquisition and retention. Cisco has produced a suite of interactive tools, which will improve the "Internet Retailer Image" to the average "Netizen" shopper. This product is definitely worth an evaluation to those retailers dealing in large volumes. Due to the cost per seat, for smaller retailers, this software interaction suite is not financially viable. Look to see Cisco break the Suite out in the future in order to capture the small to medium sized retailers (probability 90%).

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