Cloud Manufacturing ERP Solution Rootstock Now TEC Certified

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: November 5 2013

rootstock-logo.pngTEC is pleased to announce that Rootstock is now TEC Certified in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) Evaluation Center. To obtain TEC certification, Rootstock completed TEC’s detailed research questionnaire and went through a formal comprehensive demonstration of Rootstock functionality with TEC analysts. Rootstock has been certified under the ERP for Discrete, ERP for Manufacturing (SMB), and Engineer-To-Order (ETO ERP) research models, and is available for comparison with peer solutions in these areas now.

Currently, Rootstock is one of the few public cloud solutions that has the depth and breadth of functionality needed to support complex manufacturing operations now and into the future. Rootstock Software is 100% committed to delivering its solution on the Saleforce public cloud platform—one of the most robust public cloud platforms available on the market today. This is different from other providers who are delivering their solutions on a private cloud or hosting their solutions on a private infrastructure.

The Rootstock solution bundles 12 applications to support manufacturing and supply chain operations. These include sales order management, purchase order management, production engineering, inventory control, lot and serial control, material requirements planning, scheduling and capacity planning, shop floor control, manufacturing cost control, project control, multi division and multi site, and product lifecycle management (PLM) integration.

Rootstock’s solution was released in 2011, and currently all development, marketing, and sales efforts are completely dedicated to the community and in bringing new clients into that community. Being part of the community, Rootstock relies on to provide the financials and accounting modules and on for  customer relationship management (CRM) and the social collaboration capabilities of Chatter.

The Rootstock solution is seamlessly integrated with and When moving through the integrated solution, a user is not even aware that they have moved from a Salesforce function to a Rootstock function. For example, it takes only the push of a button to create a sales order in Rootstock from a sales opportunity in the system. When moving from the Salesforce function to the Rootstock function, the user interface features (menus, screen borders, buttons, and colors) don't change in any way. Similarly, moving from Rootstock functions to FinancialForce functions (like posting a PO and reviewing the accounting entries) is just as seamless. Rootstock also provides integration with Quickbooks for those that prefer this to

The current target markets for Rootstock are make to stock, make to order, and batch process manufacturers. Rootstock is currently targeting companies with Standard Industrial Classifications (SIC) codes 2500, and the 3400–3999 range. Rootstock's sweet spot is companies with 50–1000 employees and revenues between $50–$500 million (USD). Rootstock targets mainly English-speaking organizations, though the product does provide support for multinational companies with multi-site and multi-division capabilities.

Rootstock is licensed on a subscription basis which makes the solution very accessible to its target market. The top-end pricing is approximately $150 (USD) per month, so a manufacturing organization needing 20 full user license would pay $3000 per month. Keep in mind that additional licensing fees would be required to use or products.

Rootstock supports the niche ERP area for companies that design a product but outsource all product manufacturing. On the flip side, there are also specific capabilities in Rootstock for contract manufacturers who are providing services to these design companies. For example, the Rootstock demo for TEC demonstrated the solution for a contract manufacturer for personal computers, such as a company that might be building computers for Dell or HP. Overall, these companies require the project manufacturing capabilities that a solution like Rootstock can provide.

I am currently writing the full Rootstock certification report, with more on the product’s background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses. The report will be available in a few weeks on the TEC 2013 Certification Reports page. You can see how Rootstock stacks up to the competition in much greater detail using TEC’s proprietary TEC Advisor tool now.
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