Cloverdale Foods Selects DEACOM ERP

Deacom, Inc., a provider of DEACOM, a broad enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for process manufacturers, announced recently that Cloverdale Foods Company, a food manufacturer of high-quality processed meats, has licensed the DEACOM ERP system to streamline its manufacturing operations. Cloverdale has an aggressive plan for growth in mind and recognized that it would need a new ERP system in order to handle increased demand.

The food company was using several fragmented systems that did not communicate with each other, creating silos of information that hindered visibility and the capacity for making good business decisions. Unnecessary complexity caused by these disparate systems and numerous manual workarounds was becoming increasingly prohibitive (e.g., inefficient processes, inaccurate inventory system, lack of lot traceability, etc.).

Cloverdale had an affinity for Deacom's business and software models (i.e., the emphasis the vendor puts on the implementation process) almost immediately. The flexibility of the single software system and ability to make enhancements ensured that all of the manufacturer’s functionality needs would be met, while also providing scalability, aligning with Cloverdale's short- and long-term plans.

Other decisive factors were the sales presentation and the overall professional approach of Deacom’s sales team. The response time and speed of the software during the demo was very impressive. Last but not least, great reference checks also provided valuable information that made the decision for Cloverdale much easier.
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