Coficab Group Standardizes on Infor LN for Automotive

Infor recently announced it has signed a contract with Coficab Group, one of the biggest worldwide suppliers of wires and cables for the automotive industry, involving a comprehensive multinational, multi-site implementation. The contract will see Coficab standardize on the enterprise resource planning (ERP) application Infor LN for Automotive, which will be implemented first in Portugal and then in Mexico, Morocco, Tunisia, Romania, and the United States.
Coficab currently has disparate ERP solutions in its plant, including Infor’s legacy Xpert/XPPS and BPCS, which hinder the harmonization of processes and implementation of best practices across the group's factories. This disparity also compromises ease of access to and consolidation of information across the factories.
Infor LN for Automotive is designed to facilitate the standardization of systems and easier reporting throughout Coficab Group. This rationalization should help the company to streamline processes, reduce waste, increase productivity, and enable new production units to be opened more quickly.
The final goal is to standardize ERP, and in that regard this win is a mixture between a net new business and upgrade. In the days of Baan (Infor LN’s ancestor of sorts), there was no such a thing as being able to standardize on Baan ERP due to the product’s poor global finances and reporting. Infor seems to have not only fixed that shortcoming, but also done many more good things for the product, as Infor LN for Automotive is one of the Infor products with the most new customer wins.
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