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Event Summary

On February 22nd, during the eLink conference, New Era of Networks, Inc., (Nasdaq: NEON) an e-Business infrastructure platform provider, and Commerce One, Inc., (Nasdaq: CMRC), announced the availability of the Commerce One BuySite to ERP Connector for SAP R/3. The Connector, based on NEON's e-Business infrastructure products, integrates Commerce One Buysite 6.0 with SAP R/3.

Commerce One BuySite is an e-procurement application that provides direct access to suppliers and to Commerce One's Global Trading Web.

The XML-based Connector works with NEON e-Biz Integrator, NEON adapter for SAP R/3 and NEON adapter for Commerce One. It provides business logic to perform account checking, create and change purchase orders, perform real-time order status checks and synchronize data.

NEON and Commerce One are currently developing additional Connectors for Buysite 6.0, including a Connector for Oracle and a Connector for JD Edwards. The product is available immediately from Commerce One.

Also during eLink 2000, Adexa, Inc., (formerly Paragon Management Systems), a provider of business-to-business (B2B) collaborative solutions and Commerce One (Nasdaq: CMRC), announced they have entered into a relationship to integrate Adexa's collaborative planning solution, iCollaboration, with Commerce One MarketSite Portal Solution addressing the B2B direct material market.

iCollaboration will enable MarketSite to better link buyers and suppliers as well as synchronize order procurement and fulfillment activities through the use of dynamic business-to-business collaboration tools.

iCollaboration is designed to provide MarketSite customers - Fortune 500 to 2000 buyers - improved customer service levels through order promising, intelligent allocation, and collaboration capabilities. The solution will also provide MarketSite's suppliers with services such as demand visibility and order allocation capabilities, allowing them to more rapidly respond to changing demand.

Market Impact

When selecting a new application, IT and business professionals almost always ask if a new application will interface with an existing system. Legacy connection impacts how and what companies are willing to invest in. Commerce One's new relationships speak to the importance of connectivity and synchronization on both the "buy" and "sell" side of the equation. If the connections work and the data can help speed implementation and increase collaboration, the results will be positive for Commerce One.

The impact of this announcement may force other organizations to accelerate their marketplace strategies.'s Marketplace touts an open framework where clients can connect with other exchanges. If Commerce One's procurement and marketplace solution successfully integrates with R\3, they have effectively "jumped the fence" and can provide SAP customers additional choices.

User Recommendations

The NEON and Adexa announcements are positive for organizations considering Commerce One's solution. An efficient connection to a back end ERP system and a collaboration tool has tremendous appeal.

If you're considering an e-commerce solution, review your options. Most, if not all, ERP providers are creating their own exchanges, or partnering with organizations such as Commerce One, Ariba and others to provide business-to-business solutions. If you're an SAP owner speak to both companies to ensure their functionality is compatible with your version of R\3. If not, identify the cost to upgrade and factor the result into the price tag. If orchestrated correctly, both companies may compete for your business. Regardless of the final selection, connectivity with legacy systems, real time collaboration, and access to a marketplace are attractive features.


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