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Event Summary

Commerce One. Inc. (NASDAQ: CMRC) has shiny new models of its major products. Both enterprise and ASP models are available.

On the buyer side, Commerce One BuySitetm 6.0, in both its Enterprise and Portal Editions, offer a variety of new features. Among these is smooth integration of dynamic pricing. A buyer can use a wizard to create various forms of RFQ (request for quotation) and reverse auction. The new version also includes support for multiple languages and currencies within a single firm or transaction. This is a step forward from the previous version where separate systems were required to support multinational companies.

On the sell-side, Commerce One showed its Commerce One MarketSite Portal Solution 3.0, which is used by Internet market makers and individual enterprises to build open business-to-business marketplaces. The product also includes dynamic pricing capabilities, and additionally offers new features for catalog management and order management. The product also comes with advertising capabilities. Such marketplaces can be linked to Commerce One's Global Trading Web, which links regional and vertical marketplaces built with the MarketSite Portal Solution. These marketplaces are managed by independent market makers such as TD Bank of Canada and Cable and Wireless Optus in Australia. Commerce One itself manages the U.S. market, Commerce One MarketSitetm Global Trading Portal, which has been relaunched in a version built upon the new Portal Solution 3.0.

Market Impact

This is a strong set of offerings that should bring Commerce One some much needed notice. Despite its impressive stock valuation (approximately twice Ariba's relative to revenue) is has been perceived as a not-too-close runner up. This smooth new packaging should dispel that perception. Worthy of particular notice is the integration of dynamic pricing, resulting from the November, 1999 purchase of CommerceBid. This shows that Commerce One can convert strategic decisions into product quickly and effectively.

User Recommendations

If the industry were to freeze right now, or if your company has to make an immediate decision on which product to buy, Commerce One's new offerings will certainly improve its competitive score. If it was not on your short list you will want to reconsider.

In the slightly longer range it seems inconceivable that Ariba will not have a similar announcement or announcement freeze before too long. They, too, want to put you in the drivers' seat. So for product selection, Commerce One's new features are unlikely to tip many product selections definitively. But, if Ariba is on the top of your list, this will give you additional negotiating leverage. Contrariwise, if Commerce One is, or becomes, your number one choice, you can rely on the expectations of Ariba's future releases to help you haggle.

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