Compaq to Offer Co-Branded iPAQ BlackBerry Wireless E-mail Solution

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: August 30 2000

Compaq to Offer Co-Branded iPAQ BlackBerry Wireless E-mail Solution
P. Hayes - August 30, 2000

Event Summary

Research In Motion Limited announced that it has expanded its relationship with Compaq Computer Corporation. Combining the wireless expertise of RIM with Compaq's leadership in the integration and support of enterprise messaging systems, the two companies have agreed to offer customers an end-to-end wireless e-mail solution that will be co-branded by Compaq and RIM.

Market Impact

Compaq will be releasing renamed versions of RIM's Blackberry 950 and 957 wireless messaging devices. Compaq will release the Blackberry 950 device as a Compaq iPAQ Blackberry W1000; availability for W1000 is expected immediately. The Blackberry 957 device will be released as the W1100 which is not expected to hit the consumer market until September 2000 (Probability 85%). The device will be marketed throughout the United States and Canada, as it is presently by Research in Motion.

Due to Compaq's strengths in hardware design and its dedication to enterprise wide messaging applications such as Microsoft Exchange, an alliance with Research in Motion (RIM) is a logical choice. RIM's enterprise messaging integration software integrates with Microsoft Exchange extremely well and allows true wireless messaging without the need for a user's desktop to be involved in redirecting e-mail messages. RIM has already enjoyed tremendous growth in the Internet messaging space with partnerships with ISPs such as EarthLink and has now attracted the hardware giants. We firmly believe that RIM has a bright future with its Blackberry line until such a time as Digital Phones expand in capabilities and usability.

User Recommendations

Expect Compaq to vigorously market the iPAQ Blackberry device line along with its messaging based hardware. Also expect to see Compaq push Microsoft Exchange as the preferred enterprise messaging application. Compaq and RIM will both reap benefits from their new strategic relationship, which will also bode well for price conscious consumers due to increased production and therefore reduced costs, to meet the existing (and growing) demand for wireless messaging.

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