Compuware Joins the Celestial Club with New Cloud Application Performance Management Platform

compuwarenew2001.pngThis month Cloudware unveiled its brand new cloud platform for application performance management. With core enhancements in big data handling, the cloud platform is specifically aimed at organizations that are already using cloud services with Microsoft’s Azure and EC2 platforms. The heat is on, with an increasing number of products and services directing the provision of cloud offerings.

Compuware’s APM Platform new release is an application performance management software that helps organizations to optimize the performance of applications running on different channels: Web, mobile, cloud, and others. Within this new release, Compuware will integrate both on-premise (dynaTrace Enterprise) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) (Gomez SaaS) solutions, providing application performance management in both delivery models and thus achieving a complete framework for application performance optimization.

The new release is focused on optimizing the performance of cloud environments by enabling integration capabilities with the cloud. Another enhancement is the platform’s special design to support big data frameworks by supporting big data applications such as Cassandra and Hadoop, as well as hybrid cloud platforms, integrated analytics, and dashboard functionality for optimizing such cloud platforms.

This is a big sign of how cloud computing is gaining traction in all types of companies—from small to medium sized companies looking for an effective and cost-savings approach to gaining access to computing services, to large companies looking to modernize and boost their computing infrastructure.

Other software companies with recent releases aimed at addressing the cloud, such as CA and AppNeta, will be closely following Compuware’s new release, which is specifically equipped with out-of-the-box analytics as well as auto-adaptive instrumentation and dashboarding.

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