Concur eWorkplace Projects Vision Onto Desktop

  • Written By: D. Geller
  • Published: April 13 2000


Event Summary

Concur Technologies (NASDAQ: CNQR) made good on its promises to deliver more functionality with increased integration in the second quarter by releasing versions 6.0 of its eWorkplacetm portal, and its applications Concur Procurementtm, Concur Expensetm, and Concur Human Resourcestm. The new suite features a more uniform and integrated front end, access to Concur's Commerce Network, and new features in each application.

  • Concur Human Resources 6.0 new benefits enrollment capability supports Web-based enrollment in 401K and stock purchase plans, access to discounts on personal products and services, including car insurance, mortgages, and entertainment through a partnership with

  • Concur Expense 6.0 extends Concur's strong position in this area with pre-trip approval of expenses and tracking of unused tickets.

  • Concur Procurement 6.0 has the largest set of enhancements. Requisitions can now be converted, manually or automatically, outside of an ERP system, a feature that simplifies the work of purchasing professions when outsourcing non-catalog goods. Blanket purchase order contracts allow the procurement professional to manage spending against the terms and conditions specified in contracts. The system now supports the tracking of received items at both the loading dock and the desktop. The Payment Expert will route payment requests that do not go through a purchase order process (such as subscriptions and conference fees) through the appropriate approval paths.

  • The new Tax Expert ensures that tax information is correctly calculated and validated on every purchase order. It integrates with third party tax calculation software.

New features applying across the eWorkplace portal include a new user interface that offers improved performance and ease of use, enhanced integration between applications, and the ability to customize the portal to include company-specific information and application link.

Market Impact

Concur is setting a standard in this highly fragmented market. This release is likely to prove to be an effective integrated portal that will capture a significant audience in the upper mid-market and above. With the sales cycles in this market at or exceeding six months, it will be a while before the impact of this release makes itself known, but we think it will be significant, especially if Concur can show through actual engagements that interfacing eWorkplace with ERP systems can be made less and less painful.

While increasing the strength of the suite through additional applications is a necessity, we think most CIO's would prefer to yield on functionality for the pleasure of a quick and predictable integration. All vendors of e-procurement systems and portals have integration success stories, but there is much room for improvement in all cases.

User Recommendations

A company that is interested in bringing any of the above core components to the desktop should definitely take a close look at Concur. However, even though the immediate need may be in only one area, companies should consider the features of the entire suite, even if it becomes necessary to include other divisions of the company and postpone the target date for the selection. Simply put, there's no point in purchasing one piece of an integrated suite if your downstream requirements can't be accommodated by the product at all.


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