Content Technologies releases MIMEsweeper PolicyPlus

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: November 29 1999

Event Summary

KIRKLAND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 29, 1999-- Content Technologies, developer of Internet content security and policy management tools, today launched MIMEsweeper PolicyPlus, a content security package that includes CD wizards for creating a customized Internet usage policy and MIMEsweeper content security software to enforce it. (Source: Content Technologies Press Release).

Market Impact

Content Technologies is attempting to provide a turnkey solution to e-mail management and security. The PolicyPlus product contains not only anti-Spam and anti-virus engines, but also provides content filtering. For instance, all outbound e-mails containing specific inflammatory key words can be "cleansed" or returned to the originator. In addition to the e-mail security and management utilities contained within the product, Content Technologies has included a CD-ROM targeted at the non-technical policy makers to aid in the construction of Internet Usage Policies (IUP).

Content Technologies has built a reputation for having one of the strongest anti-virus engines on the market and has added to their market advantage by catering to multiple departments, both technical and non-technical.

User Recommendations

Content Technologies provides a solid anti-virus solution for most mail systems. Anti-Spam software is also included in an attempt at a turnkey solution. The questionable portion is the scripted Internet Usage Policy. Any individual systems administrator or HR representative can go to over 8,000 Internet Service Provider sites and read their IUP and easily draft one of their own. We do not believe that a company needs a " label wizard" to create an IUP, nor should it be a mitigating factor in a software based decision. For all intensive purposes the additional IUP wizards CD-ROM should be seen as nothing more than rudimentary education for the beginner. If you are a smaller sized organization, looking for a complete out-of-the-box solution, take a look, but also consider alternatives such as Trend Micro Systems, Network Associates/McAffee and Norton.

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