Coop Switzerland Deploys Reflexis Task Manager at Multiple Retail Banners

Coop Switzerland, which recently became the largest retailer and the third largest employer in Switzerland, and which operates multiple types of formats, including supermarkets, megastores, convenience stores, department stores, and petrol filling stations, has recently implemented Reflexis Task Manager. Coop Switzerland has more than 1,500 stores and 75,000 employees, with approximately $19 billion (USD) in revenues.
Coop CEO August Harder was personally involved in the software selection. According to Harder, Coop Switzerland is using Reflexis Task Manager to coordinate corporate planning and better align store activities with overall retail strategy. Web-based Reflexis Task Manager has been deployed across Coop Retail, Coop City, Coop Bau & Hobby, and Coop Restaurant banners to improve efficiency of communication and visibility of task execution in stores.
Reflexis Task Manager by Reflexis Systems was integrated with other systems including enterprise resource planning (ERP) by SAP so that both communications and even actions within communications are sent only to relevant stores based on the key data in SAP in real time. This smart integration enables the removal of any unnecessary information for stores to digest in vain and optimizes time for associates on the sales floor to spend with their customers.
The implementation was done in multiple languages (French, German, and Italian) to support the needs of a diverse workforce. Coop communicates to stores in those three languages, necessitating a streamlined process for ensuring translations are incorporated in the workflow process.
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