Crescent Electric Selects Epicor Wholesale Distribution ERP

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: December 19 2012

Epicor software has announced that the Crescent Electric Company selected the Epicor Eclipse wholesale distribution enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to “advance operations to the next level of excellence,” said Martin Burbridge, president and CEO of Crescent Electric.

Crescent is replacing its legacy system with the Epicor Eclipse solution. What is interesting to note is that no details were released about competitive solutions reviewed during the selection process. However, Crescent recently acquired two other electric supply companies that were already using Eclipse, and input from those companies played a role in the selection.

The Epicor Eclipse solution is a solid solution for companies in the distributive trades industries. By moving straight to Epicor, Crescent will have saved itself a long software selection effort. Obviously, the Eclipse solution has served its acquisitions’ business operations well. Deciding to move all its business operations to Epicor is one of the best recommendations that Crescent can give.

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