Critical Path and NETIAN Strike Strategic Messaging Alliance

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: July 28 2000

Critical Path and NETIAN Strike Strategic Messaging Alliance
P. Hayes - July 28, 2000

Event Summary

Critical Path Inc., the dominant global provider of Internet messaging and collaboration solutions, has announced that NETIAN, the largest Internet Service Provider (ISP) in South Korea, has chosen Critical Path's InScribe Messaging Server with a Korean language web client interface to power messaging services for 3 million users.

Market Impact

South Korea is expected to be the fastest growing sector of messaging within Asia. A three year growth pattern would lead us to believe that South Korea will experience a 7-10 fold growth in e-mail accounts over the next three years taking the current South Korean messaging industry from an approximate 1.5 Billion (USD) to approximately $20 Billion prior to the end of 2004.
Source: Goldman Sachs

NETIAN, South Korea's largest ISP has selected Critical Path's Inscribe messaging service to meet the demands of South Korea's explosive e-mail growth. Critical Path's Inscribe messaging solution includes e-mail, instant messaging, a homepage builder or HTML editor and bulletin boards.

User Recommendations

Critical Path has established itself as a leader within the Internet messaging community, having struck alliances across the globe from MCI WorldCom to NETIAN in addition to improving its data centers to the highest point of redundancy, reliability and availability. We believe Critical Path is well positioned to provide the foundations of multi-national and multi-lingual messaging globally. We further expect NETIAN to enjoy reduced overhead during growth and expansion given the anticipated growth of e-mail users in South Korea.

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