Crowdsourcing Gaining Foothold in the Enterprise

CrowdFlower released the next generation of its enterprise crowdsourcing platform for large businesses at the recent CrowdConf 2013 conference. To date, the platform has allowed users to parse large data projects into microtasks, which classify content, analyze sentiment, improve search performance, moderate text and photo content, and perform many other data-intensive processes ranging in skill, geography, or demographic. This new version of the CrowdFlower Platform allows anyone to design and run his or her own microtasking projects.

The platform allows microtasks to be farmed out to a crowd of more than five million contributors around the world. Thus streamlined job creation can deliver fast and accurate results for business data problems. An example project might be data categorization for product taxonomies on eBay, sentiment analysis, content moderation, or even counting cars in a parking lot of a major retailer in a satellite image to help Wall Street assess whether that company will make its revenues.

Improvements to the new version include enhanced crowd management, advanced monitoring, and more intuitive design for navigation. Thousands of users are leveraging the CrowdFlower Platform, which has created more than 200,000 jobs and successfully executed more than 1 billion judgments. The company has over 200 large enterprise customers, including VMware, Bloomberg,, LinkedIn, Autodesk, BandPage, and WCG.

The CrowdFlower Platform is available now in three editions—Basic, Pro, and Enterprise—to address the needs of all types of users, ranging from a single data scientist or developer with a small project to the enterprise that depends on crowdsourcing for critical business processes. Similar crowdsourcing solutions in the market include Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) and
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