CryptoSwift Takes Rainbow Revenues Up 620%

CryptoSwift CryptoSwift Takes Rainbow Revenues Up 620%
L. Taylor - June 12, 2000

Event Summary

Rainbow's CryptoSwift cards are accelerating not only transactions, websites, and customer revenues, but Rainbow revenues and investor returns as well. For the first quarter ending March 31st, Rainbow Technologies' Internet Performance and Security division revenues were up 620% to $5,295,000 compared to the same quarter last year. This grand-scale percentage gain is attributed primarily to the increased revenues brought in by Rainbow's CryptoSwift product line.

The CryptoSwift product line of encryption accelerator boards take the cryptographic functions being performed by the webserver CPU, and moves them to the CryptoSwift board. Without the extra load of encryption parsing, a webserver can typically perform 50-90% faster.

Market Impact

As e-commerce expands, the market for website acceleration technologies will continue to grow.

Rainbow Technologies' stock soars over leading market indicators.

The best way to find out if the acceleration technologies are worth the money, is to do the math and find out how many dollars in revenue you are losing by not using these technologies. If your revenue loss is greater than the cost of the product, the product will pay for itself many times over.

User Recommendations

Are you receiving customer complaints about the slowness of your website? If you are, you can expect that this performance gotcha is definitely impacting your bottom line. You can purchase another server, sign-up with a content accelerator service such as Akamai, or purchase an encryption accelerator card.

Even if you're not in the market for a crypto accelerator, you'll want to check out the Shockwave CryptoSwift Performance Evaluator on the Rainbow site. The CryptoSwift Performance Evaluator can analyze web performance for six hardware platforms, and advise IT decision makers of the number of customers they currently have waiting for transaction processing with and without CryptoSwift. The tool can also give you calculations of the number of failed transactions you are currently experiencing compared to the decreased number you will experience if you use CryptoSwift. Find out your website's average response time to transactions, and compare it to how that time would decrease if you used CryptoSwift.

If the revenue you bring in from increased transactions exceeds the cost of the card, you are saving money by purchasing a CryptoSwift. Do the math. A CrytpoSwift-200 costs $4299.00. If you lose 50 customers without the card, and each customer on average makes a $100.00 purchase ($5000.00 revenue) you are losing money by not using CryptoSwift.

Server Configuration
Peak Load: 300 Without CryptoSwift With CryptoSwift
CryptoSwift Analysis Factor None 200 TPS
Average Response Time 46.81 sec .29 sec
Failures (Lost Customers) 50 0
Transactions Completed 282 332
Note: TPS is Transactions Per Second

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