Customer Behavior Analysis from Tealeaf Now in IBM’s Analytics Portfolio

ibmlogo1.pngWe’ve barely had time to assimilate IBM’s acquisition of Vivisimo and now IBM has announced its intention to acquire Tealeaf Technology, a provider of customer experience management and customer behavior analysis applications.

IBM is filling in an important piece of the analytics puzzle by reinforcing its analytics capabilities to the customer service behavior area, an important segment of the business analytics arena. IBM customers can now incorporate into their IBM Analytics product stack an application to discover, analyze, and anticipate customer behavior, giving organizations improved applications to enhance customer care, product branding, and procurement.

Tealeaf has more than 450 customers around the world, including important Fortune 100 companies. These customers stand to gain on service now that the applications are being supported by Big Blue.

Rebecca Ward, Chairman and CEO of Tealeaf, said:
Tealeaf's patented technology can be deployed into a business’s current environment with no needed modifications so they begin capturing customer data and delivering optimal experiences immediately.

Craig Hayman, General Manager of Industry Solutions at IBM, stated:
With these new capabilities from Tealeaf, we can not only provide chief marketing officers and other marketing leaders the qualitative insights into how customers actually experience their brands, but show them how to react in real time across marketing, sales and service.

IBM is taking serious steps to incorporate all major areas of the analytics spectrum within its Smarter Analytics strategy.
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