DEACOM ERP Is TEC Certified in Process Manufacturing

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logo_v0014300.jpgTEC is pleased to announce that DEACOM Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution by Deacom, Inc. is now TEC Certified, and available as part of the online evaluation of ERP solutions in the Process Manufacturing (ERP) Evaluation Center.

TEC Certification is designed to help organizations evaluate enterprise software solutions so they can make more informed buying decisions. For a product to be certified, the vendor must respond to TEC’s detailed research questionnaire and deliver a formal product demonstration to show our analysts the product's support for a specific set of real-world business processes.

DEACOM ERP is a full-function ERP solution that supports all core functional areas in the TEC research model of ERP for the distribution industry, which includes over 3,500 functional and technical criteria. The functional areas of financials, process manufacturing management, purchasing management, quality management, and sales management are all strongly supported, and DECOM ERP scores above the industry average in all these areas. The solution rates in TEC’s “dominant zone” in the process manufacturing management and quality management functional modules.

Deacom Inc., headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, was founded in 1995 with the idea of creating an ERP product that was powerful yet simple to use and that would not require customization. Deacom focuses on providing an ERP solution exclusively for the process manufacturing industry. By focusing on this single vertical market, Deacom provides a solution that delivers on all of the functionality required by process manufacturers without the need for customization.

Deacom positions its software mainly for small and midsize manufacturing organizations with an annual revenue range between 20 million and 1 billion (USD). Deacom’s customer base spans the following industries: adhesives and sealants; chemicals; paint, ink, and coatings; cosmetics and personal care; food and beverage; nutraceuticals; and pharmaceuticals.

As a privately-held company, Deacom has implemented its integrated accounting and ERP system with over 100 customers from the United States and Canada. Beyond developing the solution, Deacom provides the software implementation, support, and consulting services needed for a successful implementation. All Deacom support team members are Deacom employees based out of the corporate headquarters. Deacom’s consulting services can also provide value added services to a manufacturer including process engineering, project management, and other DEACOM services. You can view more background on Deacom and its product offerings by visiting the TEC IT Showcase.

“Complexity made simple” is the theme of the DEACOM ERP solution. The solution has a number of sophisticated capabilities including reporting dashboards, complex process workflow support, and the ability to easily integrate a company’s standard operating procedures (SOP). This functionality can be very complex and oftentimes inaccessible to an end-user, but Deacom has been able to incorporate these capabilities into a solid process manufacturing ERP solution simply and elegantly.

TEC was given a sneak peek at the revamped version 15 interface of DEACOM ERP. The new version of the product uses some of the latest Web technologies and is built on the solid underlying core functionality of the DEACOM ERP system. Take a look at the new interface for the customer relationship management (CRM) area (below).


Based on the comprehensive software comparison data that TEC possesses, DEACOM ERP stacks up as a highly competitive solution against other vendors in the process manufacturing ERP market. The system is designed specifically for the process manufacturing industry and has strong support for critical process manufacturing and quality management functionality.

This is the second certification performed on the Deacom solution by TEC. The first certification was performed on Version 10.4 of the DEACOM Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning Software System and completed in July 2010. The scoring from the latest Deacom product release shows that DEACOM ERP will be an even stronger competitor in the process manufacturing ERP software market.

You can see how the Deacom ERP solution stacks up to the competition in much greater detail using TEC’s proprietary TEC Advisor tool now. Stay tuned for the DEACOM ERP Certification Report by TEC, with more on the product’s background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses. The report will be available in a few weeks in the TEC 2012 Certification report archive.
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