Dassault Systèmes Announces DELMIA’s Apriso Quality Solution

If the acquisition of LMS was a home run of sorts for Siemens PLM Software, then the acquisition of the Apriso global Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) platform should be an equivalent success for Dassault Systèmes. Most recently, Dassault Systèmes announced DELMIA’s Apriso Quality Solution, which includes enterprise quality management software (EQMS) and professional services that expand the reach of traditional quality management systems (QMS) to the global shop floor, across the supply chain, and up to executives.
Unlike traditional QMS, Apriso Quality Solution is dedicated to manufacturing operations and global complexities. It covers all manufacturing operations—production lines, warehouse, suppliers, shipping, packaging, genealogy, traceability, and more—such that decision makers can see quality issues as they emerge, and can then take quick action to contain the issue and improve processes. By extending visibility and control into global operations, this new DELMIA solution addresses the challenge of achieving higher quality across the enterprise and product supply network at a lower total cost.
Historically, manufacturing plants have managed quality locally by setting their own goals and processes, and reporting to corporate as needed. In this scenario, data might be accurate at the plant level, but in aggregate this data has been inconsistent, unreliable, and not current. Needless to say, this approach isn’t ideal, as in today’s manufacturing world, executives need a real-time enterprise view of quality across plants, regions, and suppliers to manage brand quality, contain issues, and drive continuous improvement.
Apriso Quality Solution represents a culmination of Dassault Systèmes focus to expand the quality management and execution capabilities of Apriso’s FlexNet software and professional services teams to address the specific complexities of managing quality in a global manufacturing environment. Built on Apriso’s FlexNet and its single, unified manufacturing platform and database, this holistic solution unifies and standardizes quality management across the enterprise. The solution includes several FlexNet applications, which when used in aggregate, can function as an EQMS to manage and improve quality processes and traceability across all manufacturing operations. The solution includes the following:
  • FlexNet Adaptive Platform for MOM—to provide machine connectivity to build directed user interfaces (UIs) for collecting and processing quality data
  • FlexNet Quality—to manage and improve quality processes across operations
  • FlexNet Visual Quality Defect Tracking—to view and control the inspection process
  • FlexNet Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) with Quality Intelligence Pack—to provide analytical and continuous improvement capabilities across multiple plants and regions for Quality engineers and managers
  • FlexNet Global Trace & Genealogy—to support global traceability and containment initiatives spanning multiple plants and regions
The solution gathers data consistently from all quality-related activities, formats it in a unified database, and makes it available in near real time. This capability should enable a manufacturer to deploy and manage quality more cost effectively across plants, with visibility into what is happening at any time, enabling fast and efficient action should a quality issue occur. Apriso’s traditional fierce competitors, SAP Quality Management, Camstar, InfinityQS, MetricStream, and IBS AG (a Siemens company), should expect even much tougher contests from the vendor.

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