Dassault Systèmes Announces New Traceability Solution for High Tech

As part of its continuing strategy to launch solutions that address specific industry challenges, Dassault Systèmes has released a global traceability and containment solution for high-tech manufacturers. This solution addresses the issue of low production yields typically experienced by high-tech manufacturers.  
Manufacturers in electronics, communications, and other high-tech industries face unusually difficult quality challenges. Their supply chains are complex, global, and highly dynamic, while product lifecycles are short, driven by a never-ending series of technology advances that make new product introduction (NPI) a way of life. As production yields can range from 10 to 80 percent during the first six months of operations, improved throughput and “right first time” performance are critical.
With global product launches and time-to-market critical these days, high-tech manufacturers require a solution to track, trace, and contain problems swiftly and accurately so quality is optimized while potential issues are quickly resolved. It must be a solution that is global, yet is sufficiently agile to keep pace with constantly evolving products and processes.
Dassault Systèmes addresses these challenges with the release of the DELMIA Apriso solution, which consolidates detailed product, lot/serial genealogy, and event data from multiple plants, partners, and disparate systems into a single, global repository. It adds near real-time visibility into quality and traceability processes such that adverse events can be addressed and contained more quickly.
This solution lets manufacturers overcome the complexity of global production and supply chains by providing a unified approach to problem identification and resolution. With a unified data model that captures and persists standardized data across production, quality, maintenance, inventory, and supply chain operations, manufacturers can move quickly to identify and isolate suspect product to improve lead time, accelerate global launches, and increase quality yields.
Back in 2011, former Apriso launched its first Global Trace and Genealogy solution, which offered improved collaboration, centralized track and trace reporting, and an ability to handle a large volume of traceability data. Since that time, Dassault Systèmes has announced industry-based solutions to serve the aviation and defense (A&D), automotive, and medical device industries. These solutions were based on experiences gained while working with clients in these respective industries.
The latest high-tech industry solution is following the same path, based on the experience gained while working with manufacturers in this industry. The vendor hasn’t yet worked with manufacturers in the drug and consumer goods industries to the point where it should feel sufficient knowledge and experience has been gained to rightfully launch a solution to cover the specific needs of those industries.
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