Dassault Systèmes Announces Two DELMIA Apriso Products

As the world gets smaller and “flatter,” the need by decision makers to readily access information quickly becomes increasingly critical. Managers face challenges that demand quick answers, ideally based on current quantitative data. Issues range from quality or recall issues to supply chain disruptions to new market opportunities that necessitate organizational alignment. As executives and management all seek greater visibility to operations intelligence that can be accessed from anywhere, the harnessing of “big data” and “mobility” to improve operational excellence is a well-entrenched best practice in the manufacturing and IT community. Dassault Systèmes has many years of experience in this area through its DELMIA Apriso product portfolio, and it recently released two new solutions.
Apriso Executive Intelligence Center (EIC) 2.0 is an improved executive dashboard to ease decision support within manufacturing operations. Available for desktop PCs and iOS, Android, and Windows 8 mobile devices, this new product offers expanded reporting capabilities and a more robust and pre-configured backend that works tightly with Apriso Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI). The EIC 2.0 announcement reflects more of a concentrated effort by the vendor to produce a consistent desktop and mobile experience, available as a single product release.
On the other hand, Apriso Global Visibility solution for food and beverage manufacturers offers an industry-specific solution that provides a more holistic and global approach to improving visibility and intelligence from across manufacturing operations. This solution includes Aprioso EIC, Apriso MPI, and other select Apriso manufacturing applications. The solution brings it all together, including the new EIC 2.0 app, into being more of a complete solution that is easier for prospects to understand and the vendor’s sales team to sell.
This solution has been created to meet the needs of manufacturing executives seeking greater visibility and intelligence from across their global operations, providing near real-time visibility to manufacturing intelligence, which can be provided in a role-based display that is contextualized and actionable. Every decision maker, at any level, now has visibility to the right information at the right time to support his or her responsibilities—the plant manager can see local operations; regional managers can see multiple plants and supply chains; while the CEO can see key metrics aggregated across the enterprise, as well as drilldowns to regional and local data. With product traceability and packaging accuracy/quality being such big issues today, this vertical solution seems like a good fit.
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