Deloitte & Touche Alliance with SynQuest Largely Symbolic

  • Written By: Steve McVey
  • Published: November 24 1999

Deloitte & Touche Alliance with SynQuest Largely Symbolic
S. McVey - November 24, 1999

Event Summary

On November 15, Deloitte & Touche announced it had named SynQuest, Inc. a preferred advanced planning and scheduling (APS) partner. Under the terms of the agreement, Deloitte & Touche will provide supply chain redesign services in conjunction with SynQuest supply chain suite implementations. Immediate plans call for Deloitte & Touche to install the SynQuest supply chain software at the Solutions e-Business Center in Cincinnati and roll out the solution to demo environments throughout the U.S. In addition, Deloitte & Touche associates will be trained on the SynQuest Optimal Performance Path methodology, an implementation roadmap that identifies supply chain improvement opportunities and aligns them with key business goals. SynQuest and Deloitte & Touche are currently engaged on several joint implementations. - Business Wire, 11/15/99.

Market Impact

Although SynQuest and Deloitte have worked together on past projects, their recent agreement will involve installing SynQuest's applications at D&T facilities that offer demonstrations of a variety of enterprise application software packages. This will translate to higher visibility for SynQuest among top level managers who make buying decisions and are the primary targets for D&T's solution centers.

The move is the latest in SynQuest's efforts to build stronger alliances with complementary software vendors, platform providers, and systems integrators. In September, J. D. Edwards named SynQuest a preferred complementary vendor platform (See TEC news Analysis article: "J. D. Edwards names SynQuest Preferred Solution" September 10th, 1999). More recently, IBM announced that it would help SynQuest port its Manufacturing Management software to the AS/400 platform (See TEC News Analysis article, "IBM and SynQuest Sign AS/400 Pact" November 4th, 1999), in exchange for loading the software on its servers. These relationships have the potential to dramatically increase the size of SynQuest's indirect channel. Because the D&T deal does not require a strong commitment from either party, it is unlikely to produce significant benefits for SynQuest, apart from heightened exposure in the press and D&T solution centers.

User Recommendations

Agreements like that between D&T and SynQuest tend to be largely of symbolic value, and users interested in SynQuest's supply chain suite should not dump their current business consulting partner for Deloitte & Touche. Likewise, companies that maintain relationships with D&T should not eliminate all APS packages other than SynQuest from their short lists. Users should conduct thorough investigations of a number of service providers and avoid picking one simply because of an agreement with no demonstrated benefit. Service providers should be asked to present client references that can comment on the provider's expertise in implementing a particular software package. Users should also evaluate other parts of agreements to see whether they involve a training and/or implementation certification process and discounts on joint implementation services.

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