Delta Uses Microsoft’s In-flight Mobility and Retail Solutions

Next time I order food and booze while flying, I'll have a much better appreciation of how many technology providers have to join forces and combine solutions to give travellers that pleasure. Delta Air Lines has announced that more than 19,000 flight attendants worldwide have started using Nokia Lumia 820 handheld devices powered by Windows Phone 8 to interact with customers. These in-flight, Wi-Fi connected devices will leverage an Avanade point-of-sale (POS) experience on the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail mobile POS platform, operating on AT&T’s 4G LTE network. AT&T has partnered to source and provide the credit card readers in addition to providing Delta with the Nokia Lumia devices.

The retail/POS functionality is part of Microsoft Dynamics AX (for more details, see this TEC article, or the Microsoft Dynamics Retail page). Microsoft Dynamics for Retail is the core solution for Delta headquarters for item management, pricing, discounting, and overall management of the POS devices on the planes. The Microsoft Dynamics mobile POS platform is the one that the vendor showcased at the NRF 2013 expo; it is launching globally. As for the POS hardware, the card reader manufacturer is AnywhereCommerce.

Avanade, jointly with its parent company Accenture, built the custom solution for Delta on top of the Microsoft Dynamics for Retail software platform by adding the Avanade Connected Stores solution to help airlines improve how they serve customers. Avanade is also the implementer at Delta.

Together, these partners are delivering a unique Delta experience that enables flight attendants to better handle onboard purchases, provide passenger manifestos and frequent flier information, update connecting gate information, see scheduling updates, and more, in real time. This is certainly a great win for Microsoft, which badly needs endorsements of its (perhaps undeservedly) maligned consumer devices. See the Official Microsoft Blog for more.
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