Deltek Acquires Traffic LIVE for Marketing Agencies’ Front Office

Deltek has acquired Sohnar and its Traffic LIVE cloud-based resource planning solution for the creative marketing communications world. Sohnar has 40 employees based in London, Sydney, and New York and manages a portfolio of hundreds of clients in 23 countries. This acquisition broadens and deepens Deltek’s portfolio of professional services automation (PSA) solutions by delivering front-office capabilities that marketing agencies (and other project-based companies) need to effectively manage their businesses and deliver on-time profitable projects and engagements for their customers.
Traffic LIVE is an online studio, project and workflow management, and resource planning system. The comprehensive front-end solution helps businesses create estimates and quotes, schedule resources, capture time worked, bill clients, track tasks, and more. It ensures that the right resources are assigned to the right tasks and that all time worked on a project is captured easily so revenues are maximized and costs are minimized.
Traffic LIVE is already used by many Deltek customers to manage projects and the flow of creative jobs within their firms. Marketing agencies use it for its light customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities, to schedule resources, to manage project workflow , to capture time worked, and then to send out bills. It is a solution to optimize resources, ensure projects are done on time, ensure all time is collected so all work is billed, allow resources to be shifted around, and to understand the effects of that.
With Traffic LIVE now part of its solutions portfolio, Deltek should be able to manage the entire project lifecycle within a marketing agency. These acquired capabilities integrate directly to Deltek’s Maconomy enterprise resource planning (ERP) system so agencies can do project accounting and run a right tight financial ship. So, in the near term, Deltek has the obvious opportunity to introduce Traffic LIVE to its existing Maconomy install base in the marketing agency world, and to introduce Maconomy as the ERP system for Traffic LIVE’s customers. The vendor now has a stronger offering for new agency customers—the ability to manage the entire creative project lifecycle with an integrated Maconomy and Traffic LIVE solution.
Deltek might take this solution to interesting places in the future, potentially using it as the platform on which to build the next-generation resource planning system. More details will probably come in November at the Deltek Insight 2014 conference. Since Traffic LIVE is a flexible cloud solution, Deltek will take the best of Traffic LIVE to enhance its existing resource planning systems today, for a platform that can extend into new markets beyond the creative agency space.
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