Demandforce’s First Anniversary at Intuit

A year ago Intuit acquired Demandforce, an online marketing and communication product, to bolster offerings that help small businesses attract and retain customers. Intuit recently celebrated several Demandforce milestones, not the least of which is that Demandforce has helped Intuit’s Small Business Group achieve 17 percent revenue growth for the quarter over this time last year.

Demandforce helps small businesses automate their online marketing and communications through a Web-based application. The software enables users such as dental offices and hair salons to connect with customers, create a strong online reputation, and build upon local network marketing. Deemandforce is about marketing automation that integrates with vertical office management dashboards. Hubspot is the closest offering to what Demandforce does for small businesses.

In the past year, Demandforce has reportedly made the following achievements at Intuit:

  • Generated more than $1 billion (USD) in revenue for customers, bringing the total to $3.7 billion since its inception.

  • Doubled the number of industries it supports.

  • Secured almost a million customer reviews out of 4 million.

  • Added more than 16 million new connected consumers to Intuit’s connected services network, now up to 47 million overall.

  • Hired about 150 employees, for a total of 462.

One of Intuit’s biggest opportunities with the acquisition was to reach its existing customers. Demandforce integration with Intuit QuickBooks as of late 2012 is now the fastest-growing division of the company with a whopping 142 percent quarter-over-quarter increase in leads. Intuit has created a look-back video on the Intuit Network entitled “Demandforce and Intuit: One Year Later, One Mission to Help Small Business.”
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