Descartes Systems Acquires Two European Companies, Strengthens Logistics Network

The recent chief executive officer (CEO) change at Descartes Systems was explained as a regular succession (given a poor health of its former CEO), with the continuation of business as usual. To that end, niche tuck-in acquisitions continue to be part of the company’s game plan in uniting logistics-intensive businesses in commerce. Most recently, Descartes acquired Compudata, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) supply chain integration and e-invoicing solutions in Switzerland, for about $18 million (USD), and Impatex Freight Software Limited, a leading provider of electronic customs filing and freight forwarding solutions in the United Kingdom (UK), for about $8.3 million (USD).
Compudata has 500 customers, most of which are in Switzerland. Its B2BNet network serves a diverse community of trading partners, helping them connect, collaborate, and seamlessly exchange electronic data. Compudata also provides e-invoicing and e-archiving functionality essential in international trade and transportation transactions.
Impatex brings more than 200 freight forwarder customers to Descartes' Global Logistic Network, with the majority of these in the UK. By combining Impatex's UK customs and forwarding solutions with Descartes' global community of logistics participants and logistics management solutions, customers should now have a single trusted partner to help them manage their shipments across the globe.
The European customs compliance market is characterized by a complex framework of member states, each with different regulations, languages, and systems. Transportation carriers, logistics intermediaries, and shippers look to technology partners such as Descartes, Compudata, and Impatex to manage this complex environment. Freight forwarding operations are also faced with similar business and regulatory challenges at the local level. Freight forwarding technology solutions address local challenges to allow users to operate efficiently and with a high degree of confidence.
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