Drink-IT Is TEC Certified for Mixed-Mode Enterprise Resource Planning

  • Written By: Ted Rohm
  • Published: June 9 2014

TEC is pleased to announce that Drink-IT by the NORRIQ Group is now TEC certified in the mixed-mode enterprise resource planning (ERP) software space.
Drink-IT is one of the only global ERP solutions designed specifically for the beverage industry and supports the unique needs of beverage producers and manufacturers with additional extensive functionality on top of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Drink-IT has been serving the beverage industry since 2001 and some of NORRIQ Group’s first customers have been using the solution for 13 years.
Drink-IT is a complete business solution for beverage companies, supporting the entire business, including finance, sales and marketing, purchasing, and manufacturing, with a full suite of BI tools for analysis and reporting. It is built on the latest release of standard Microsoft technology, with Microsoft Dynamics NAV as the core component, making Drink-IT a standard and scalable solution that can support businesses as they grow. Drink-IT has held the status of “certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV” (CfMD) for the last 6 years. 
NORRIQ’s added functionality supports global beverage producers and distributors in a number of areas beyond the Dynamics NAV solution:

Figure 1: Drink-IT modules
The functionality that Drink-IT has built to support the beverage industry is impressive. Below are the highlights of some of the Drink-IT modules that sit on top of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Deposit Management (bottles, kegs, etc.)

  • automatic calculation of deposits for full and empty goods
  • integration with inventory management and the sales and purchase process
  • follow-up of empty goods for the customer based on customer returns (important in high seasons)
  • deposit limit calculation and warnings
  • automatic creation of a separate invoice for full goods and deposits
Discount Management
  • multiple simultaneous discounts and promotions
  • integrated through the sales and purchase process
  • discounts calculated by amount, percentage, volume, and per item/item group, order, and period (with accruals)
  • on invoice and off invoice (delayed) discounts
  • free items and automatic promotions
  • detailed logging for analysis purposes
Transportation Management
  • coordinate transportation planning in a simple way, and assign a driver and truck
  • route proposals for optimized planning based on customer preferences and pre-set routes for each day of the week
  • dispatching issues: weight, volume, and delivery date constraints
  • typical actions to be taken (for example: move load to another truck and split orders amongst trucks)
  • record details for analysis of costs
EMCS (European Movement and Control System)
  • excise movement and control system
  • a computerized system of the European Union for monitoring movements of excisable goods under suspension of duty within the EU
  • logistic movements and full inventory management for goods under suspension are aligned with the requirements of the e-AD (electronic administrative document)
  • communication from the consignor to the consignee by member states’ administrations
  • management of the complex order to cash process—when selling a product across Europe, the tax is paid by the consumer at the point of consumption
Event Management
  • integrated with sales order management
  • enables users to keep an overview of the orders related to customer events
  • includes products sold, products given for free, and equipment (for example tables, chairs, refrigerators, draft installations etc.)
  • equipment lent out for events can be planned to optimize usage in the high season
  • simple end-to-end follow-up process, from customer requests and product shipments to returning goods and empties and invoicing after the event
Quality Management
  • fully integrated into purchasing and manufacturing with inbound product testing and in-process product testing
  • test results can block inventory or operations
  • both automated tests and ad hoc tests supported
  • forward and backward tracking
  • quality reporting using Excel or BI reporting tools
Plant Maintenance Management
  • maintenance of different equipment in the production process
  • plant maintenance work orders: initiated by preventive maintenance plans or ad hoc service requests; planned on internal or external resources
  • consumption of hours and spare parts are logged on the work order for reporting
  • third party services supported
  • spare parts management: link to the requisition planning in the purchase process
Contract Management
  • building management (ie., pub owned by a brewery or by a third party)
  • frame agreement can include: rent contracts; loan contracts (with pay back by cash or discounts); contracts for miscellaneous periodic invoices (delivery rights); loan in use contracts; and maintenance contracts (for the creation of periodic service orders for maintenance or the cleaning of the pipes)
  • follow-up of volume commitment compared to the agreement
  • contract discounts can be approved when volume commitments have been met
  • easy follow-up of actual vs. budget volume sold

To learn and see more of what Drink-IT offers, take a tour on the product Web site.
The NORRIQ group has a global reach and a strong network of international partners (see map below depicting Drink-IT’s international footprint). NORRIQ‘s partner network enables the company to deliver local services during the implementation in the local language; configure the solution based on local requirements; increase its international footprint and solution availability; and provide continuous support after project delivery.

Figure 2: Drink-IT around the world
Based on TEC’s comprehensive software functionality comparison data, Drink-IT ranks as a stronger than average solution when compared against other products in the mixed-mode manufacturing ERP solution space. The solution scores higher than the average solution in the ERP functional areas of  financials, human resources, manufacturing management, process manufacturing management, inventory management, and sales management areas.
As part of the certification process, TEC was given a hands-on demonstration of the latest release of Drink-IT. I am currently writing the full Drink-IT certification report based on this demo, with more on the product’s background, highlights, features and functions, and competitive strengths and weaknesses. Stay tuned for the full report, available in a few weeks on the TEC Certification Reports page. You can see how Drink-IT stacks up to the competition in much greater detail using TEC’s proprietary TEC Advisor tool now.

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