Durst Speeds Up Processes with Infor Distribution SX.e

Infor recently announced that Durst, an operator of the high-end plumbing fixture brand JACLO, has successfully implemented Infor Distribution SX.e. Durst uses two separate business divisions—decorative plumbing manufacturing and plumbing supply distribution, and with the built-in functionality of Infor Distribution SX.e, it will be able to more effectively manage both sectors of the business.

While Durst's previous legacy Supply House Information Management System (SHIMS) updated financial data at the end of each month, Infor Distribution SX.e automatically updates information in real time, facilitating improved budgeting decisions through greater insight into company spending. Durst considered many packaged enterprise resource planning (ERP) products and a piecemeal “home-brewed” solution as a SHIMS replacement, but eventually selected Infor Distribution SX.e owing to the product's ability to handle finishing, assembling and machining, as well as traditional distribution capabilities in a single ERP solution.

Infor Distribution SX.e delivers embedded pricing information and the ability to import documents directly from Durst's document management system, helping to speed up order entry and processing. Reduced manual entry requirements enable users to make changes to orders more quickly and easily and to help to minimize data errors for increased order accuracy.

Durst implemented the Infor Enterprise Performance Accelerator Kit (EPAK), which provides tools to more efficiently train employees by documenting critical business processes. Capturing this information also provides Durst with the visibility to objectively evaluate and improve established processes. Durst plans to implement Infor ION in the future and to integrate Infor Distribution SX.e with other Infor and third-party systems, including an Infor Barcode application.
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